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Johnny Knoxville All Nine Tattoos With Their Meaning

Published Mon Sep 09 2019 By DGM
Johnny Knoxville All Nine Tattoos With Their Meaning

The famous American actor, comedian, and film producer Philip John Clapp aka Johnny Knoxville has inked several visible tattoos on his body. He has at least nine tattoos combining small and big tattoos on his body.

The tattoos on Knoxville's body include writings, drawings, and symbols of different things. Here is everything you need to know about the tattoos that the star has inked till date:

Inked Daughter's Name On Chest

Knoxville has inked writing on the left side of his chest. The writing reads 'Madison' which is the name of his eldest child and daughter Madison Clapp. Johnny has a lovely bond with his daughter and loves her very much. The tat is just one evidence of the infinite love of the actor for his princess.

A picture of Johnny Knoxville's tattoos.
Johnny Knoxville's tattoos.
Image Source: GHOST BOY

Tattoo on Right Chest

Johnny Knoxville also has a tattoo on the right side of his chest. It is some type of drawing where two human-like characters are holding each other and dancing. Maybe, this tat recalls the romantic life that Johnny has with his wife.

Girl on Left Lower Arm

Philip has inked a drawing of a girl on his lower left arm. There is a lady sitting and playing a musical instrument, most probably a guitar in the tattoo.

Leon Tattoo on Left Upper Arm

Melanie Lynn Clapp's ex-husband has inked another tattoo on his upper left arm. In the tattoo, we can see a person's face and a word below it which reads 'LEON'! He previously used to have a bird tattoo on the same spot but covered with this tattoo.

A picture of Leon and Waka tattoo of Johnny Knoxville.
Leon and Waka tattoo of Johnny Knoxville.
Picture Credit: Gabbie DeVecco

Wawa on Upper Left Arm

Knoxville has inked writing that reads 'Wawa' on his left upper arm. 

Drawing on Left Rib Cage

The 'Jackass' star has inked a drawing drawn on his left rib cage where a naked girl is about to sit on a fruit. The meaning of this tattoo quite undefinable.

Globe Tattoo on Right Wrist

On the inner part of the right wrist of Johnny Knoxville, the $75 million worth actor, Johnny has inked a globe tattoo. 

Inside this tattoo, there are three stars forming a triangle formation. As the globe represents reality and truth and the stars symbolize spirituality, it means a lot to him. 

A picture of Globe and Stars tattoo of Johnny Knoxville.
Globe and Stars tattoo of Johnny Knoxville.
Picture Courtesy: Cool Luckie

Writing on Right Arm

Rocko Akira Clapp and Arlo Clapp's father has inked some sort of writing on the upper part of his right hand, near biceps. The writing is some kind of name or proverb which probably holds a special meaning in his life.

Tattoo on Right Hand

Naomi Nelson's spouse Johnny Knoxville has inked another tattoo on his right hand which is a floral-like design. Flowers represent the transformation and faith of the holder. 

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