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Meet John Gammon - Get to Know "The Middle" Actor With Facts and Photos

Published Sun Mar 07 2021 By riya
Meet John Gammon - Get to Know "The Middle" Actor With Facts and Photos

John Gammon Anderson, known as John Gammon to the public, is an American actor. He is best known as Darrin, a role he got on the TV-series "The Middle."   

John is an early eighties kid. He was born on August 20, 1980, in the New York city of The United States of America. He is a North American.

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John is a very private person. Though his family's information is not public, it is known that he is from a moderate family. 

According to the statement he gave in an interview, he is the youngest among three siblings.

He, along with his siblings, loved acting very much. That might be the reason John became renowned as an actor. 

John followed his passion and loved acting since his childhood.

Educational Background - Alma Mater

Gammon did his schooling in the same place where he was born, i.e., New York City. Though the names of this elementary school and high school are unrevealed, it is believed that he didn't go away from his hometown. 

Loyola University
Loyola University Where John Gammon Studied. 

Image Source: Big Future College Board

After completing John's high school, he got admission to Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He earned a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and History in the year 2007. Apart from this, he also got a minor degree in Latin American at the same University.

From all this, it is evident that John is a very studious and hardworking guy. John never took any acting classes. 

Did you know? John loved playing Baseball, Basketball, and music. 


Since John always loved acting, he took a step forward to pursue his dreams. He moved towards Los Angeles, California, in search of movie roles. 

John during his shoot
John Gammon during his shooting of a  movie.

Image Source: Pinterest

Since his very young age, John never left any chance behind of playing in school dramas and drama competitions.

The starting of his acting career was from commercials and roles of minor characters in TV-series. He started his acting career in 2009 from TV-series such as; “It’s Supernatural,” “We Are Douchebags,” and “R U A Homo.” 

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These marked his supernatural acting and stunning work in acting from which he got other offers of movies and TV-series. Also, he got massive love from his fans and a good profit.

John in the TV-series The Middle
John in the TV-series The Middle

Image Source: ABQ Journal

Gammon did his debut in acting in 2009 in the TV-series ABC's Family Comedy "The Middle." Following this, he did a super-hit movie, "We are Douchebags" in 2009. 

The recent movie he did was in the year 2016, "Jax in Love." He is still doing a lot of commercials and short films.

Did he become rich after being an actor?

Until now, John has been able to gain more than $2 million from his acting career. He is rich enough to spend his livelihood well. 

Apart from riches, he has earned huge fans who love him unconditionally. He is always blessed and supported by his fans.

Is he married?

Till these 40 long years, the news of his marriage is still not out. For now, we can say that he is single.

Since John is a very private person, he never talks about his relationships.

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