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Facts About Joey Sagal - American Actor and Producer

Published Fri Aug 02 2019 By Akki
Facts About Joey Sagal - American Actor and Producer

Joey Sagal aka Joseph B. Sagal is an American actor, producer, and writer, who is widely known for his role in 2006 TV mini-series "Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King" as Elvis Presley. He was born on February 12, 1957, in Los Angeles, California, USA. 

Joey is the son of Boris Sagal and Sara Macon and stepson to Marge Champion. Here are 10 facts about him.

What's his Net Worth? 

Joey Sagal has accumulated a net worth of $600,000 through his professional career as an actor. His income from the appearance in TV shows, event and program is major contribution to his fortune.

The average American actor salary is around $50,000 yearly as reported by the PayScale, where they can earn from $19k to $171k according to their role and popularity.  

Joey Sagal outing with Michelle Bolotin and Max.
Joey Sagal and Mitchelle taking a picture in Solvang, California.
Image Source: Insta@joeysagal

Boyfriend of Michelle Bolotin 

The Hollywood star Joey Sagal and Michelle Bolotin are a blessed lover and has a healthy relationship. The lovebirds has been dating from several years, and they have been seen publicly for numbers of times. 

Joey's girlfriend Michelle is a real estate developer based in California and she has her official website for her business.

Previous Relationship 

The Elvis & Nixon actor, Sagal was previously married to Hanala Sagal, who is an actress, producer, and writer. The former couple tied the knot on March 6, 2011, and got divorced on 10 June 2012. 

Five Siblings 

The Lost Treasure actor, Joey has five siblings and They all are active in the entertainment industry. He has three sisters Katey Sagal, Jean Sagal, and Liz Sagal, and two brothers David Sagal and Gregg Champion.

Gregg is a half-elder brother, born on November 20, 1956, to Marge Champion and Gower Champion.

Pet Lover 

The Redline actor Sagal is an animal lover, and has two cute dogs; Max and Herc. Herc is a Pug and Max is a Tibetan Spaniel, which has been recused by the duo. The lovebird love to an outing with their pet, where they mostly take them to the beach. Max and Herc are the closets and lovely family members of the Sagal.

Max and Herc sleeping together.
Joey Sagal taking picture of his dogs; Max and Herc.
Image Source: Insta@joeysagal

Body Measurement 

The Sixty-two-years-old actor, Sagal is a handsome hunk with sharp cheekbones and   He stands 6 feet (1.83 m) tall and has dark hazel eyes with natural black hair turning silver as growing age.

Acting Classes 

In 1975, Joey Sagal joined Lee Strasberg theatre institute in Hollywood and studied acting for 2 years with Dominic Defazio. He also attended professional acting training program the American Conservatory Theatre (A.C.T). Denzel Washington was his classmate and friend in A.C.T.

Foul Ball 

On 28th of March 2019, Sagal got his first foul ball ever in the match of Los Angeles Dodgers vs Arizona Diamondbacks in Dodger Stadium Field. He was very excited about his foul ball that he took a video clip expressing his happiness and shared in his social sites. 

Joey Sagal poses with his first foul ball.
Joey Sagal and Michelle taking a picture with a  foul ball.
Image Source: Insta@joeysagal

Elvis & Nixon 

Elvis & Nixon is the historical comedy film director Liza Johnson, Starring Michael Shannon, Kevin Spacey, and Alex Pettyfer. Joey Sagal is co-writer of the movie and played the role of Elvis Impersonator. He was also nominated for the movie in the category of Best Historical Film in 2012 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards.

Social Media 

Joey Sagal is active in his social sites, where he has 116 followers on his Twitter account @JoeySagal. He joined Twitter in December 2010 and has 683 tweets till date, and posts almost every day. He also has an official Instagram account @joeysagal, where he has 838 followers with 128 posts.

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