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Meet Joel McKinnon Miller – “Scully” From Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Published Thu Dec 05 2019 By DGM
Meet Joel McKinnon Miller – “Scully” From Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Joel McKinnon Miller is an American actor and an authot who was born on 21st February 1960 in Rockford, Minnesota. Miller is very much popular for his television shows 'Big Love' and 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'. He has been on the acting field since he was a teenager in high school and he has not stopped ever since.

Here are some facts on the very talented and experienced Brooklyn Nine-Nine star.

What's his Net Worth?

Joel McKinnon Miller has the whopping net worth of $3 million thanks to his career as an actor and an author. He has been on his field of career since he was a little kid and has been very successful on it too. 

A picture of Joel McKinnon Miller.
Joel McKinnon Miller is a talented actor and author.
Image Source: Joel's Twitter account

Wife - Tammy Mckinnon

McKinnon has been one hell of a private guy when it comes to his private life. Although he has disclosed some things about his love life, the major portions and facts are secret as expected. 

Joel is married to his long term girlfriend Tammy McKinnon who he met when he was a theatre actor. Tammy was in the costume department of the theater at UMD. They dated for a long years before finally making it official and tying the knot. 

The couple has two kids, a daughter and a son and their names and whereabouts are strictly kept away from the public. Joel and Tammy took this decision for their kids to live a normal life with nothing extraordinary. 

A Legit Opera Singer

As seen on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Scully has a mean talent in opera. But how much is it based on Miller's real life you ask? Well, Joel McKinnon Miller actually studied opera and theatre at the University of Minnesota Duluth. 

Even though he dropped out of college for the time being only short of a few credits, he did not stop. He went on to complete and receive his degree very later on but he did not give up on it. 
Even though he portrays a dumb character in the B99 series, he is one smart guy in real life.

Television Appearances 

Besides Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Big Love, Joel has had his shot at many, many movies and television show series. Some if his famous works are, Cold case, Secret Santa, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Truman Show, Men In Black II, The Commish, Rush Hour 2 and many more.

A picture of Joel McKinnon Miller in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
Joel McKinnon Miller in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
Image Source: Variety

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