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Joe Budden's $8 Million Net Worth - This Man Denied $13k/Month Child Support Though

Published Sat Oct 26 2019 By aisha
Joe Budden's $8 Million Net Worth - This Man Denied $13k/Month Child Support Though

Joe Budden is an American Broadcaster, rapper, and songwriter who has an estimated net worth of $8 million from his varied career. He is a member of Slaughterhouse’ hip-hop band and has worked on many mixtapes, singles and many more.   

He has released many albums like Rage and the Machine, All Love Lost, No Love Lost, Joe Budden and many more. He was nominated for four awards while has won one Vibe Next Award in 2003.

House worth $3.3 Million in New Jersey

Joe Budden mansion where Cyn Santana is sun basking in front of blue swimming pool and white colored mansion
Joe Budden's mansion worth $3.3 million 
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Joe Budden owns a mansion in Edgewater, New Jersey which is worth $3.3 million which stands on a land of 11,000 square feet.

The mansion includes 10 bedrooms with other amazing facilities like having an elevator, a library, gym, pool, pool house, huge balcony, King-sized beds, a vanity full of wigs which used to belong to his ex-fiance Cyn Santana and nine fireplaces where you can do whatever you want to. 

Owns many Luxurious Cars

Joe Budden standing in front of his white Mercedez Benz while wearing his black hoddie and trouser
Joe Budden standing in front of his Mercedez Benz.
Image Source: YouTube

Joe owns many expensive and luxurious cars some of them are Mercedez Benz which price range is from $52,950 to $106,950 and has a Rolls Royce which cost range begins from $200,000.

Earning from his music career

Joe started his rapping career since 1999 and has earned almost up to $3 million from his career as a rapper. In 2003 he was able to release his debut studio album which ranked at number 8 on Billboard 200 and was sold 95,000 copies within the first week of its release. 

From the album his most hit and successful solo song was Pump It Up from which he was offered to sign Major record Label Def Jam Recordings then in 2007, he was offered to sign the Entertainment One Music.

He then started recording his own solo mixtapes and began to release the mixtapes as well as his albums. In 2013, he released his album No Love Lost which includes 17 songs and was on number 15 in the list of Billboards 200 chart while 30,000 copies were sold in the United States in its first week and in 2015 the album sold 86,000 copies. 

In 2014, November 4 he released his another album Some Love Lost which was ranked at number 55 in Billboard 200 while selling 7,695 copies in the United States. His album All Love Lost ranked 29th position in Billboard 200 where the album sold 14,229 copies. Recently on October 21, 2016, he has released his final album Rage & The Machine which sold 11,341 copies in the United States while making the position of 40th in the Billboard 200.

Pool Party

Budden often has pool parties in his own house with his friends and celebrities. In 2012, he had organized the pool party where XXL and King attended the party. Similarly, on June 22, 2017, he organized a pool party where famous artists like Shawn Marion, Victor Cruz and more appeared as a special guest where the amazing party was shot and edited by Karl Lunsford.  

Earning from YouTube channel 

Joe Budden has his own YouTube channel named Joe Budden TV since May 3, 2006, where he have around 758K subscribers. He has got over 15 million views on one of his YouTube video Pump It Up. He has total a of 227,958,467 views on his channel as an average YouTuber earns $3 - $5 per 1000 video views.

Not Paying Child Support of $13k/Month

Joe got engaged to Cyn Santana but soon after four months of their engagement, the couple parted their ways. Cyn is no longer seen with her engagement ring as she said the reason was Joe cheated on her by dating another model. 

The ex-couple was expecting their child Lexington while they split and Cyn has not allowed Joe to meet his children meanwhile she has tweeted 'A man that doesn't take care of his family can't be rich' which she pointed towards Joe not paying for his child support.

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