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About Jocqui Smollett - Youngest Family of Smollett Family Who is Actor & DJ

Published Sat Aug 01 2020 By Aashika
About Jocqui Smollett - Youngest Family of Smollett Family Who is Actor & DJ

Jocqui Smollett is the youngest son of the ‘Smollett Family’. He was born on August 2, 1994, in Santa Rosa, California. He was born to parents Joel Smollett and Janet Smollett.

Smollett is a well-known personality of the industry as an actor. He is a renowned DJ and technologist. Likewise, his five brothers and sisters are also popular in the entertainment industry.

Let’s look at some interesting facts about Jocqui;

What’s His Net Worth?

Jocqui Smollett has an approximated net worth of $1 million. He has managed to amass his fortune through his acting career. Apart from acting, he also earns as a reputed DJ. He is also a founder of a technological company named ‘Hosted Inc’.


Smollett Eats’ actor is dating a beautiful lady. He kept his girlfriend details hidden but frequently uploads their romantic picture on social media. Since 2018, he often shares pictures of their on each other’s Instagram account. 

They spent quality time together and also has visited Fairmont San Francisco. The love bird has not come open in front of the media but expresses their feelings on social sites. 

Jocqui Smollett with his girlfriend.
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His Parents 

He is the youngest child among five other children of Joel Smollett Sr. and Janet Smollett. His father Joel was the head of his family and was a cable splicer. Joel Smollett is an inspiration for all siblings and Jocqui.  

After his death, the family has faced a tragic phase. Likewise, his mother is an African-American woman and best mother and wife. 

His father Joel Smollett Sr. and mother Janet Smollett with all siblings. 
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Popular Siblings

Smollett passed his childhood with his five siblings. He has three brothers and two sisters named Jojo Smollett, Jake Smollett, Jazz Smollett, Jurnee Smollett, and Jussie Smollett.

His siblings are a successful person in their career as an actor, producer, musician, model, and chef. On the series ‘On Our Own,’ his siblings including him have appeared in the series.

Smollett with his five siblings in the sitcom series 'On Our Own'.
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His Career

In the year 1994, he began his acting career in Hollywood. He appeared in the sitcom "On Our Own" of ABC, along with his brothers and sisters. He portrayed the role of Jarreau Jerrico. 

The series was about the family, whose parents are dead and the children need to fetch and depend on themselves. Later, in 2016, he starred in "Smollett Eats” show again with siblings. There, he severed as a producer. 

Runs Awareness Program

Smollett and his family run a program against different social causes such as HIV/AIDs prevention. Eventually, they lent their voice against Black Lives Matter Movement, which is based on Black Panther. 

Physical Appearances

On Our Own’ actor has a perfect height 5 feet 5 inches (1.53m) and weighs around 65 kg. He manages to keep athletic physique. He has black eyes and black hair color. 

Active on Social Media 

Jocqui Smollett is a presence on social pages like Instagram and Facebook. He has gained 38k followers and 1,250 followers on Instagram and Facebook respectively. 

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