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Joaquin Smits and Taina Smits – Jimmy Smits’ Children With Ex- Wife Barbara Smits

Published Sun Sep 15 2019 By Samana
Joaquin Smits and Taina Smits – Jimmy Smits’ Children With Ex- Wife Barbara Smits

Joaquin Smits and Taina Smits are the two beautiful children of Jimmy Smits and the late Barbara Smits. Joaquin was born on the year 1983 and Tania was born in 1973.

The name "Joaquin" in Hebrew means "lifted by Yahweh".

The name "Tania" means "a small plant".

Parents' Net Worth

The two siblings' father, Jimmy Smits has a net worth of $12 million which he accumulated through his career as an actor. He is a very popular actor, who is best known for his role in the "Brooklyn nine nine" series as the role of character 'Amy Santiago's' father. He also has won an Emmy Award for his excellent acting skills.

Parents Relationship

Tania and Joaquin Smith's parents, Barbara and Jimmy got together in the year 1969. They dated for two whole years before getting engaged in the year 1971. After being engaged for 8 years, they were finally ready to take vows and get into a marital bond. 

Their marriage, however, did not last for long. They were married for 6 years before splitting and living away from each other. The two officially got divorced on 22nd June 1986. 

Jimmy Smits is currently dating the famous actress Wanda De Jesus and the two have been together since 1980 which makes us wonder if Jimmy cheated on Barbara with Wanda. They are not married but we hope that they will, very soon.

Passing Away Of Mother and How It Affected Them

A mother's death is always going to be on her children. Joaquin and Tania also had to go through the rough phase of losing their mama on April 16, 2010. She died after suffering from pneumonia and the complications that came with the deathly disease. 

Tania and Joaquin's late mother, Barbara Smits.
Tania and Joaquin Smits' late mother, Barbara Smits.
Image Source: Instagram/taismits

Barbara's death was very sad and hard to take in for her two beloved children. Even though they had gotten old, they were still their mama's babies and it was hard for them to take the fact about their mother not being with them in.

Tania's Occupation

According to Tania's bio on her Instagram account, she is a theater teacher, director, and writer. She is a multi-talentedJoaquin'Smits woman and is a successful one in her field.

Tania's Husband and Daughters

Tania is married to her husband Bo Beasley. The married couple have given birth to two daughters and they both have inherited Tania's beauty. Her two daughters are Tyler Beasley and Elena Beasley.

Tania's two beautiful daughters.
Tania Smits's two beautiful daughters.
Image Source: Instagram/raismits

Joaquin Leads A Private Life

Unlike her sister Tania who is always updating her life activities on her social media, Joaquin is the quiet and private one. He lives his life away from social media and the internet and even if he has a private account where he only adds his friends and family, we don't and will not try to know because we should all respect his privacy.

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