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Joan Rivers Died Because of Over Plastic Surgery

Published Mon Sep 23 2019 By DGM
Joan Rivers Died Because of Over Plastic Surgery

The famous actress and comedian, late Joan Alexandra Molinsky who was most commonly as Joan Rivers went under the knife several times and had some significant changes in her body. The over Cosmetic Procedures she did ended her life.

Rivers always openly admitted that she had plastic surgeries to enhance her beauty and didn't feel ashamed to speak about them in front of other people. Here are the surgeries that she underwent throughout her life:

Joan Rivers Before & After

Joan Rivers, who had an amazing net worth of $150 million before her death, transformed a lot throughout her career as a comedian, actress, producer, writer, and host of TV shows. Take a look at her picture how she looked before and after all the plastic surgeries she had done:

A picture of Joan Rivers before (left) and after (right).
Joan Rivers before (left) and after (right).
Image Source: CBS News

It is no doubt that there have been some clear changes and alterations on every part of her face. Credit for all the shocking changes on her face goes to all the surgeries which she had.

Face Lift

As the popular comedian was facing lots of aging symptoms, her face would contain so baggy appearance and her face would also appear so lazy and sleepy. 

For this issue, she thought having face lift would be perfect and so she had face lifts. Not one nor two, she had many face lifts that can only imagine of having. She would do experiments on her face every time she got chance to. Her daughter was also tired of her mother having so many work done on her face.

Eye lift

Eye lift is the first ever cosmetic surgery that the actress ever had. It was when she was 32 years old and rising to fame from 'The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.' Since then, she had more than fifty surgeries done only on her eyes. She would sometimes, raise her eyelids and would lower them later on. 

Though she looked perfect every time she had the surgery, she would look totally different each time she used to have her eyes done.

A picture of Joan Rivers before (left) and after (right) eye lift.
Joan Rivers before (left) and after (right) eye lift.
Image Source: Hudson

Nose Job

Edgar Rosenberg's ex-wife also had admitted that she indeed had her nose done multiple times because she didn't like her nose despite every attempt to make it look more beautiful. She just kept on having nose job no matter what but was never satisfied with the nose she got in results. 

If you look at her pictures, you can see her nose varying in every picture as she would re-modify it in a short interval and at least five times a month.  


Botox is something that the late millionaire used to do very often, most probably week after week. As she used to face a lot of the aging symptoms as one does after crossing forty, she just basically used to have a lot of Botox injections injected on her face so that she would look much younger and beautiful which she looked too. 

But she wouldn't stop there, she would again change her face anyway which eventually became an undeniable habit for her.

A picture of Joan Rivers before (left) and after (right).
Joan Rivers before (left) and after (right).
Image Source: Celebrity Plastic Surgery

As you can in the above, the dramatic change on the face of the late television host are because of all the Botox she used to opt for. In the picture from a little bit before her death, every part of her face seems so tucked in and tightened as if poke with needle and sewed there. 

Neck Lift

The mother of Melissa Rivers also went under the surgeon's knife and had her neck lift several times. She wouldn't be satisfied of her neck too and used to have them done quite a lot. 

Sometimes, she would bring a raised appearance on her neck where as sometimes she used to undo the surgery. One thing is super clear that she was never tired of having surgeries on her body.

Death Because of Over Cosmetic Surgery

It is said that the famous fashion trash talker died from the complications of all the plastic surgeries that she had done on her body. Joan, who was very popular for frequently and constantly changing her face, passed away following a cardiac arrest and brain damage. 

Some also say that the repetitive cosmetic surgeries had an adverse effect on her health from a very long time and took her life. 

A picture of two different face types of Joan Rivers.
Look how different Joan Rivers looks in both the pictures.
Image Source: Star Crush

While the doctors that treated Rivers before her death say that the actress was there for a minor throat surgery but the surgery had a lot of complications which resulted in her getting cardiac arrest. Melissa, her daughter said that her mother had 348 cosmetic surgeries and was never happy how gorgeous she looked. She also said that the huge number of surgeries might have taken her life too. 

Therefore, though Joan didn't have any plastic surgeries fail, she ended up losing her life for having many of them.

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