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Joan Cusack's $16 Million Net Worth - House in Chicago and Earnings From Toy Story

Published Thu Oct 10 2019 By aisha
Joan Cusack's $16 Million Net Worth - House in Chicago and Earnings From Toy Story

Joan Cusack is an American actress, voice actor, and comedian who has an estimated net worth of $16 million as of 2019. She has won Primetime Emmy award and has been nominated for 32 different category awards and has won 16 awards. 

She is best known for her roles in My Blue Heaven(1990), School of Rock(2003), In&Out(1997), Working Girl(1988), and more.  

Not only Joan is famous for her movie she is well recognized for her voice acting and TV series like Toy Story, It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (2002), Chicken Little(2005), Saturday Night Live (1985 to 1986), Shameless(2011), Toy Story Toons (2011-2012), and more. 

She is married to the president and CEO of VISA NOW Global Immigration, Richard Burke which is worth $8 million.

How did she Earned this net worth?

Most of Joan Cusack's earnings are from her acting and voice acting by appearing on many successful movies like Working Girl, In&Out School of rock and so on. She has gathered an estimated wealth of $4 million from her acting career. 

Apart from her movies role she has done many voice-overs and has major appearances on the television series like Saturday Night Live, What about Joan, Chicken Little, Toy Story and more. She has also earned from her commercials, sponsorship, and guest-appearance on different television series. 

Earning from Toy Story Sequel 

On the left Joan Cusack on her white top and black blazer while on the right Cowgirl aka Jessica of Toy Story
Joan Cusack as Cowgirl aka Jessica
Image Source: PopSugar

Joan has given her voice to Disney Pixar frictional character as Jessica in Toy Story 2(1999), Toy Story 3(2010), and Toy Story 4(2019). The movie was one of the highest grossed animated movies in the Pixar film as the Toy Story 2 grossed $497 million worldwide while Joan earned $30,000. 

Toy Story 3 was a bigger success than Toy Story, it Collected $1 billion worldwide where Joan was given $1.2 million for her voice over. The fourth installment in Pixar's film grossed $1.062 billion as Joan got a total of $2 million.

Owns House in Chicago  

Joan Cusack and John Cusack childhood house between two huge green trees
Joan Cusack and Hohn Cuscak childhood house
Image Source: Daily Mail

With the huge net worth, Joan Cusack has a house in Chicago Illinois which stands on 8,000 square feet of land that includes 13 bedrooms, 6 and a half bathrooms, 7 fireplaces, kitchen with a double oven, a library, a huge indoor swimming pool, and an exercise room. This luxurious facility mansion is worth $5.3 million.

John Cusack is the brother of Joan, both owned a house in 1998 worth $905,000 since their childhood before they were well recognized by everyone. 

Commercial for U.S. Cellular

Cusack was the spokeswoman for U.S. Cellular which is the fifth-largest wireless telecommunication network in the United States. She has done a contract of multiple years to star in advertising with a fall campaign from Doner in 2002 from which she earned $25,000. 

She has also done commercials for DirecTV in 2004 which is a television cable provider through satellite, starring many popular actors Danny DeVito, Robert Duvall, Laurence Fishburne, and Andy Garcia and from the commercial, she earned $50,000.


Joan Cusack with other celebrity like Peter Facinelli and Jayma Mays were competing in a charity bake sale on 1st November 2010 to raise money for kids fighting with cancer. 

Another bake sale competition Bleeding Heart Bakery in Roscoe Village was done to raise the most cash for Kid's Cancer organization.  

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