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Jo Coddington - Boyd Coddington's Wife and Mother of Five

Published Wed Jun 09 2021 By Aashika
Jo Coddington - Boyd Coddington's Wife and Mother of Five

Jo Coddington came into the headlines after she got married to Boyd Coddington. Her husband was a hot rod designer and television star who has appeared in reality shows. 

Furthermore, Mrs, Coddington was born on 1st January 1964, in the Midwestern United States.  Apart from it, her personal life has not been revealed, but when she became the wife of Boyd, people wanted to know more about her.

So, let's look at the information below about Jo which is unknown to some people. 

What Is Coddington's Net Worth and How She Makes Her Earning?

Jo Coddington holds an estimated net worth of $12.5 million which she got from her late husband as power of attorney. She has also appeared in some television shows "Wrench Wars" and "American Icon: The Hot Rod" through which she earned a considerable amount.

Currently, Jo has been running Boyd's business "Boyd Coddington Hot Rod Shop". She is a motorsport spokesperson for Boyd Coddington and endorses "AERO Detail Products". Her late spouse has designed classic cars such as the "1931 Chevrolet truck", "1949 Cadillac", and so on.

Married Life with Boyd Coddington

Jo Caddington exchanged the vows with hot rod designer, Boyd Coddington in 2001. They dated for several years before being husband and wife. The couple adopted three children and were living a happy life. But unfortunately, their togetherness ended after the death of Mr. Coddington. 

Jo Caddington with her husband Boyd Coddington on the red carpet.
Image Source: Getty Image 

Tragic Death of Husband 

A motorsport spokesperson had to face the darkest phase of her life when her beloved spouse passed away and she became a widow. On February 27, 2008, Boyd left the world and was buried at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier California. 

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On 31st December 2007, he was hospitalized in Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital in Whittier, California because he was diabetic. He died from a complication that was brought on surgery for a perforated colon along with sepsis and kidney complications. 

Mama of Five Children

Jo Coddington is the mother of five children, three of whom are adopted. Her first and second children, Robert McGhee and Thomas McGhee are from her first marriage. 

After getting married to Mr. Coddington, became the mother of  Billet Leon Coddington (born in 2005), Cast Aldin Coddington (born in 2006), and Hemi Brogdon Coddington (born in 2006). As a single parent, she has been fulfilling all the needs of her children and enjoying her life with them. Her children often feature on her Instagram account. 

A family picture of Jo Coddington with her spouse and three children Billet Leon Coddington, Cast Aldin Coddington, and Hemi Brogdon Coddington.
Image Source: Instagram (@jocoddington1)

Previous Marriage 

Before meeting with Boyd, she was the widow of Mr. McGhee. His first name and other information have not been revealed. They were married in 1978 and got separated in 1996 due to his death. The couple welcomed two children from their married life. 

Social Media

Jo Coddington is quite an active social media user. She has an Instagram account her username is @jocoddington1 with over 18.3k followers. Likewise, has a Twitter account with more than 22.5k followers. 

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