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Jirah Mayweather - Floyd Mayweather's daughter

Published Fri Jan 28 2022 By sijal
Jirah Mayweather -  Floyd Mayweather's daughter

Jirah Mayweather is popular as a social media influencer and a Tiktok star. Mayweather is in the spotlight for being the daughter of reputed boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Jirah was born on June 20, 2003, in Los Vegas, United States as a daughter of the legend himself Floyd Mayweather and former Hollywood actress Josie Harris.


Floyd did her schooling at the local school around her hometown by staying with her father. She was not interested in studying at all that's why she choose her career earlier as an influencer.

Daughter of Best Fighter ESPY Award winner had her education done in the most prestigious colleges located in Los Angeles, California.

What's the career of Jirah Mayweather?

As a star child, it will not be a burden for her to get that top career but from now on she is focused on her study and had a ranked personality on social media platforms.

Net worth

The total net worth of Jirah Mayweather is estimated to be more than $3 million as of 2022.

She earns good money from her fame as a star child and being a social media influencer.

Relationship status

Jirah Mayweather was in a relationship with her long-term boyfriend Isiah Jonson since 2018.

 There was a rumor of them getting engaged but the news went silent all over and had not been clarified the information of them being married yet.

How many siblings does Jirah Mayweather have?

Jirah is the youngest daughter of Floyd Mayweather around his four children. She has two brothers Koraun and Zion and has an eldest sister Lyanna Mayweather who is a mother now.

Her brothers Koraun and Zion are well-known rappers in their own way but hadn't reached the famed path.  

Are Jirah Mayweather's parents still together?

Similar to the marital status of other Hollywood actors, Floyd Mayweather and his ex-girlfriend Josie Haris got separated after having their daughter Jirah.

Mayweather's husband Isiah Jonson is now taking responsibility for their children and had given them a comfy and enough luxurious lifestyle as much as he could afford.

Jirah Mayweather father Floyd Mayweather and mother Josie Harris
Jirah Mayweather's parents, Floyd Mayweather and Josie Harris in their 90's. source: @ Promiflash

Mother Josie Haris' Death 

On March 10 Josie Hari's mother of Jirah and a former girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather died cause of a drug overdose, she was found dead in her house which made her family speechless.

There was also a rumor of her being murdered but after the post Partum report, it was obvious she died of an overdose. Because of their family pressure on cops further investigations are still going on about this case.

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