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Get to Know Jin Baek - South Korean Plus-Size Model and Founder of Kosmetics

Published Mon Dec 20 2021 By aayush
Get to Know Jin Baek - South Korean Plus-Size Model and Founder of Kosmetics

Jin Baek is a South-Korea-born Instagram model. Most of the models we usually see on Instagram are fitness models flexing their perfect bodies in their posts. 

Whereas Jin is a plus-size model totally outstanding from other fitness models we usually view on Instagram. She has been a great influencer through her Instagram.

Jin posing on her instgram feed wearing a panther textured tank top and Gray pants
Jin Baek posing on Instagram. source: Instagram@jinbaekofficial

She has more than a million followers on her official Instagram page @jinbaekofficial. 

Baek's Body Measurements

The fashion model Baek is 5ft 5inches(167cm) tall and weighs 79kgs. The sizzling model wears 8(US) size shoes and a dress of US  size 4. 

This is the reason why Jin outstands other fashion models in the sector. 

Is Baek's Family living In Korea?

Like most of the models and popular influencers these days Baek also does not like opening up any information regarding her family and her siblings.

The model likes to keep things private to herself as of now.

Professional Career as a Plus-Size Model 

Going back to her childhood Beak was always fond of modeling and dresses. She was raised by her parents in South Korea and always supported her for the dream she always had.

Jin finished her schooling in her hometown in South Korea itself and came to the USA for her further university studies where she was also able to fulfill her dream of becoming a model.

Jin Baek posing for model photoshoot wearing a russian hat and camouflauge body con dress
Jin Baek posing for BMA Models. source: Instagram@jinbaekofficial

She first came into the glamour through her Instagram posts flexing her sexy plus-size body motivating others for body positivity.

As of now, Baek works as a model for BMA-models, J'ADORE models (after which she came into more fame), MustardModels, and Neon Model Management.

The BMA model is also pursuing her career as a Youtuber through her YouTube channel which has amassed more than 30K subscribers but has not uploaded in 8months.

What is the J'AMORE Model's Net Worth?

Baek earns from different sectors as she does modeling for four different modeling agencies she gets paid from each one of them. As well as her YouTube earnings.

Jin is also an entrepreneur, she is the founder of Jin Kosmetics and Beauty Brand. Altogether Jin Baek has a net worth of $1.5million. 

Is the Sizzling Hot Model Single?

Yes, the South Korean cutie Jin Baek is single for the moment. Although there are many guys who want to date her the model is trying to focus on her career instead of having a relationship for now.

Personal Life

Although Baek does not talk about the information regarding her personal life publicly we do know that...

Baek is confirmed to be a cat over dog lover. She is fond of tattoos as well she has pieces of art inked on her body as well. There are some tattoos on her upper body like on her shoulder, on the back, and on the arms as well.

J9in Baek wearing a crop top and skirt posing on her bed with hands on her waist
Jin Baek's tattoo on shoulder. Source: Instagram@jinbaekofficial

Is Jin's Body Made of Plastic?

No, Jin Baek does not have done any modifications to her body. Unlike most of the other models, She does not have any plastic surgeries done on her body. 

Everything we see on Jin's body is totally natural this is the reason why she works as a body-positivity influencer.

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