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Facts About Jimmy Osmond – Singer From “The Osmonds” Family Band

Published Wed Aug 21 2019 By Akki
Facts About Jimmy Osmond – Singer From “The Osmonds” Family Band

Jimmy Osmond aka James Arthur Osmond is an American actor, entrepreneur, and singer, who has given single hits like; "My Little Darling" and "Long Haired Lover from Liverpool". 

Jimmy is chairman of Osmond Foundation and owner of the Osmond Family Theater located in Branson.

Osmond was born on April 16, 1963, in Canoga Park, California, the USA to George Osmond and Olive Osmond. He was a single member in the family not born in the family hometown of Ogden, Utah. He belongs to white ethnicity/races and follows Mormon as a religion.

Here are 10 facts about Jimmy Osmond:

What's his Net Worth? 

Jimmy Osmond has a net worth of $8 million and his major source of income is his profession as an actor, singer, and businessman. His fortune includes his income from guest appearances in shows, events, and programs.

Jimmy Osmond taking a picture with his family.
Jimmy Osmond poses for a photo with his family.
Image Source; Reader's Digest

Wife - Michelle Larson 

The pop singer, Jimmy Osmond and Michelle Larson are a blessed couple and share four children together. The lovebird exchanged the vows on 7 June 1991 in presence of family and close friends. The duo hasn't been through any bad controversies and scandals and lives happily married life.

Four Kids 

Jimmy Osmond and Michelle Larson are parents of four children; two daughters, Sophia Michele Osmond and Isabella Olive Renee Osmond, and two sons, Zachary James Osmond and Arthur Wyatt Osmond. Zachary aka Zack was born on 10th October 1997, and the eldest son of Jimmy. 


The Love Boat actor, Osmond has eight siblings; seven brothers Alan Osmond, Donny Osmond, Jay Osmond, Merrill Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Virl Osmond, and Tom Osmond, a sister Marie Osmond. All of his siblings have been actively involved in show business.

Donny is an elder brother of Jimmy, born December 9, 1957, in Ogden, Utah. He is five times Daytime Emmy Awards nominee actor, who is married to an actress, Debbie Osmond.

The Osmonds 

The Osmonds is an American music group formed by all the members of the Osmond family. The band consists of nine siblings, where the family band performs like a soft rock band. 

The musical group has been awarded honored a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording in Hollywood Boulevard, California.

The Osmond Family in hall of fame.
The Osmond Family star in Hollywood.
Image Source: Pinterest

Education - Alma Mater 

The Gift of Love producer, Osmond has been award with a doctorate of arts and humanities from Lowa Wesleyan College in 2015. He studied and got graduated in business administration and management from Steven Heinger Business College. He also attended Brigham Young University located in Provo, Utah, United States.

Social Work 

Besides Osmond's career, he has kept himself busy with involvement in the charity function and work with various social organizations. He had sat over 25 years on the board of trustees for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. 

Jimmy is an advocate for children's literacy, who speaks under the right and Justice over children's education.

Jimmy Osmond caught on camera.
Jimmy Osmond speak out about stroke.
Image Source: BBC

Health Issue 

Michelle Larson's husband, Jimmy Osmond has survived several strokes. In 2004, he suffered from a stroke caused by a congenital heart defect. On December 27, 2018, he was diagnosed with having a stroke, after immediately taken down to the hospital in the middle of the performance of Peter Pan in Birmingham Hippodrome.

Awards and Legacy 

Osmond's contribution to the entertainment industry from the very young age of 5 has paid him with the number of honorable awards and nominations. In 1972, he was named in The Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest performer ever to top the UK charts. He has been honored with six gold records, one platinum record, and two gold albums as a solo artist. 


Jimmy Osmond has an official website, where he updates about his day to day activities along with updated about his project. His website features the options of a home, about, media, Osmonds, and shop, where his fans and well-wisher can get one step close to him and his closet.

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