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Jessie Woo Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos – Before and After Pictures

Published Thu Aug 15 2019 By DGM
Jessie Woo Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos – Before and After Pictures

The Haitian-American media personality, television personality, and comedian Jessie Woo has done two plastic surgeries but has inked a tattoo on her body.

Jessie Woo whose real name is Jessica Juste has openly admitted about going under the knife and having her eyes and nose done. She says that she regrets having them. Here is a detailed analysis of it:

Jessie Woo Before & After Surgery

Jessie Woo who holds an amazing net worth of $3 million has been through some serious transformations when it comes to her face. Her nose and eyes aren't exactly same today as they used to be 5,6 years back. Take a look at the picture given below:

A picture of Jessie Woo before (left) and after (righ).
Jessie Woo before (left) and after (right) after surgery.

The above picture which shows the face that the Canada born artist used to have before and has currently. We can clearly observe that her nose and eyes have changed drastically, all thanks to the plastic makeover which she opted for.

Nose Job

The 32 years old rapper Woo has openly stated that she had her nose fixed back in 2012 in Korea. She further added that she did the rhinoplasty surgery to have her nose fixed because she wanted to appear more photogenic. 

And if you check her before and after pictures, you can get to know that there have been some noticeable transformation on her nose. Therefore, she had a nose job according to her desire to modify her nasal appearance. 

Eyelids Surgery

The 'Fill Me Up' singer Jessie Woo also admitted to getting an eyelid surgery because her agency convinced her that she would look beautiful and less fierce than before. Her eyelids were not so lifted in the past if we check her picture from the past. 

At present, they have become so not good that anyone would barely say that the work on her eyes is good. So, we can say that she was somehow compelled to get her eyelids fixed via procedure.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

When the Love & Hip Hop: Miami (LHAA) star appeared on KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3, she has admitted that she regretted getting her plastic surgeries done. It is because she didn't exactly get the results she expected to get from the post-surgery. 

Jessie also added that when she was about to have the procedure done, the surgeon convinced that she would have a less fierce look on her face. But opposite to what she wished for, her cosmetic surgery proved to be a disaster because her face appear even more fierce. 

She jokingly added that no one could even look her in the eyes. Hence, Woo regrets her decision of going under the knife was a disaster and wishes that she never had them.

Tattoo & Its Meaning

The bold and beautiful comedian Jessie Woo has inked an anchor tattoo on her left wrist. The anchor tattoo very often symbolizes calmness, composure, hope, steadfastness, and salvation.

A picture of Anchor Tattoo of Jessie Woo.
Anchor Tattoo of Jessie Woo.
Image Source: The Culture Plug

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