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Get to Know Jessie McLaughlin - Rhett James McLaughlin's Wife With Pics and Facts

Published Fri Nov 27 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Jessie McLaughlin - Rhett James McLaughlin's Wife With Pics and Facts

Jessie McLaughlin came into the limelight as the wife of Rhett James McLaughlin. Her spouse is a social media personality and also a comedian and actor of Hollywood. 

The couple has been together for 19 years and is the parents of two sons. Before her marriage to Rhett, she was living a normal people lifestyle. 

Look at the below paragraphs to know more amazing information about McLaughlin.

Estimated Net Worth

Jessie McLaughlin holds a huge amount of net worth which is around $500 thousand. She accumulated her fortune as an interior designer. Her annual salary as an interior designer is more than $60,000. 

Through her Instagram account, we get to know that she has been working in Los Angeles. 

On the next side, her husband has a whopping amount of $16 million. His income source is from his acting career. He also earns through a Youtube channel which he runs with partner Link Neal. 

Aside from this, Rhett is a screenwriter who wrote 'Gutless Wonders' and 'Good Mythical Morning'.

Married Life with Youtuber

The interior designer walked the aisle with Rhett James McLaughlin on 29th March 2001. Before getting married, they were in a relationship for long period. For 19 years the couples have been enjoying their romantic life and may go so far.

Jessie McLaughlin looking gorgeous at the event with her husband Rhett James McLaughlin.
Image Source: Twitter

Has Two Sons

She is the mother of two children, Locke McLaughlin, and Shepherd McLaughlin. Her first son, Locke was born on 24th February 2004, who got featured in his father's Youtube channel on video 'Wolfpack or Tarheels?'. From the video, he became viral and in the future, he wants to be a Youtuber like his daddy. 

Mrs. McLauglin gave birth to a second child, Shepherd McLaughlin in 2000. He has already made his career as an actor in the industry. His debut in the film 'Star Bound' in 2014 and also appears sometimes on Rhett and Link channel. 

 An adorable family picture of Rhett McLaughlin with his wife and two sons. "
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Secretive Person

Jessie McLaughlin lives in a low profile and keeps some distance from the media. Being a wife of a top celebrity, she managed to hide her personal information in front of the paparazzi. Sometimes, she spotted in events of her husband rather than that interior designer never come in front of the camera. 

House Pet

Rhett's wife has a dog as a pet. She has a Maltipoo breed dog for which her family gave the name 'Lola'. It was bought from Wylder's Holistic Pet Center. She often shares her dog pictures on the Instagram account.  

A Maltipoo puppy which is looking cute in the picture, 
Image Source: Instagram

Luxurious House

McLaughlin is living a millionaire lifestyle whose house cost is $1.425 million. The house was brought in 2015 by her husband which is a modern traditional style home, built-in 1978. It has included numerous facilities such as a large outdoor basketball court, swimming pool, and so on. 

Jessie McLaughlin's LA house which interior design was done by herself. 
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