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Meet Jessica Schimmel - Producer and Robert Schimmel's Daughter

Published Tue Jan 21 2020 By Akki
Meet Jessica Schimmel - Producer and Robert Schimmel's Daughter

The American author and journalist, Jessica Schimmel is very famous as a daughter of a comedian Robert Schimmel and Vicki Schimmel. She has worked in several hit shows including; The Simpsons and Howard Stern on Demand. She was born on June 28, 1978, in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, and her zodiac is Cancer.

Here are some facts about Schimmel;

What's her Net Worth? 

Jessica Schimmel has an estimated net worth of $700,000, as she succeeded to gather an impressive wealth from various careers such as an author, assistant, and journalist. As a writer, she has good sales revenue from the book; "A Narcissist, Her Daughter, Drugs & Her Dead Father", which is available online for $12.99 for kindle on 

Moreover, she also worked as an assistant to the producers of comedy animation; The Simpsons (2002). The huge amount of money, she accumulated as she engaged over 14 episodes of the hit TV show to contribute to her bank balance.

A selfie of Jessica.
Jessica taking a selfie inside her car.
Image Source: Insta@jschimmelk

House in Santa Monica

Schimmel lives in a lavish house in Marguerita Ave, Santa Monica, California with her family. The two-story property features; an open space facade and a beautiful balcony to enjoy sunlight and surrounding. The houses in the city cost nor less than $300,000 as stated in the realtor page.

Ex-Husband  - Benjamin Katz

The beautiful Jessica is living a single life focusing her precious time on her children and work. Nevertheless, she was previously married to a businessman Benjamin Katz. The duo got married on November 14, 2009, in Santa Barbara, California. The lovebirds wedding ceremony was attended by their family members and close friends.

Following the personal life of the couple, there isn't any news of the pair divorce. However, she has regarded herself as a single mother as she stated on her Twitter account.

Two Daughters - Ila Katz & Ava Katz

The American native, Schimmel has two cute charming daughters; Ila Katz and Ava Katz. Ila is the eldest child, born on the 17th of December 2009, whereas Ava is a youngest, born on May 24, 2011. Despite, being a single mother, she has created a lovely atmosphere for her children, praising them to follow their dreams and goals fulfilling all their needs and demands.

A photo collection of Schimmel family.
Jessica's family photo collection.
Image Source: Jessica Schimmel Katz Instagram

Three Siblings 

The mother of two has three siblings from her parents; two brothers; Derek Schimmel and Jacob Schimmel, and a sister Aaliyah Schimmel. Derek, a brother of Jessica died of cancer in 1993 in the United States of America. Besides them, Jessica has two more half-siblings; Max Schimmel and Sam Schimmel.

Max and Sam are two half young brothers of Jessica from her dad Robert's second marriage to Melissa Schimmel. In spite of being half-siblings they're in good terms. 

Death of Father in Car Accident 

On August 26, 2010, Jessica's father, Robert Schimmel died at a Phoenix hospital. Following the death, he was involved in a car accident, which resulted hospitalizing him with a serious condition. On the day of the incident, Robert himself was a passenger on car, along with his son's job and 19-year-old daughter Aaliyah, who was driving. In the accident, both of his children were saved from death.

A picture of Jessica and Robert Schimmel.
Jessica and her father Robert Schimmel.
Image Source: Getty Images

Health Problem 

Schimmel has been suffering from several health problems. At the age of 16, on July 8th, 1994, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Since then, she has been twice hospitalized into a coma as a result of a diabetic.  In fact, she even had two high-risk pregnancies but gave birth to healthy babies tested diabetes-free.

Dog Owner 

Jessica Schimmel is a dog lover, who care for fur animal. She is an owner of a cute white-colored Emmroche Lagotto Romagnolo breed dog; Teddy. She loves spending time with her pooch on free hours, taking him for a long walk and giving a nap.

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