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Jessica Goch - Twitch Gamer and Streamer Ninja's Wife

Published Thu Feb 03 2022 By sijal
Jessica Goch - Twitch Gamer and Streamer Ninja's Wife

Jessica Blevins professionally known as Jessica Goch is a well-known girl gamer who has gained popularity for being most active on the gaming platforms and doing twitch streams. 

She became a highlight topic when her relationship with the famous gamer legend Tyler Blevins professionally known as Ninja came out on media.

Jessica was born on 23 June 1992, in Schofield, Wisconsin, United States. Besides being a girl gamer she is a social media influencer and had a phrase in modeling.


The wife of the winner of The Game Award for Content Creator of the Year (2018) did her schooling at a local school located in her hometown Wausau a city in Wisconsin.

Although she was not that much interested in studying and had a dream of being a professional gamer and YouTuber she still completed her graduation from the honored University located in Wisconsin. 

Professional Career

Jessica Goch whose husband was the winner of the Shorty Award for Twitch Streamer of the Year(2019) was fascinated to become a model and a social media influencer.

She started he career back in 2014 by starting a Youtube channel. As of now going through her struggle and hard work she has gained a lot of followers and supporters. Goch now owned an account with millions of followers in it and had been famed as a Ninja wife as well.


Jessica Goch doing photoshoots for Pwn it Wear
Jessica Goch doing photoshoots for Pwn it wear sponsored by Flickr. source: @Biography Host

How many earnings does Jessica have?

The manager of Twitch TV Ninja had good earnings from her social media activities and being a professional gamer on Twitch. Mr. and Mrs. Blevins had ruled over the gaming platforms by their streams and commitments.

The total estimated net worth of Jessica Goch is more than $3 million dollars as of 2022 whereas her husband earned $10 million.

How is Jessica's Marital Life Going With Ninja?

The former Sales representative of Plantronics and Richard Tyler Blevins AKA gamer Ninja met several years ago they were just friends but soon after they get to know each other they become a soulmate.

Jessica Goch with her gamer husband Ninja
Jessica Goch with her husband legend gamer himself Ninja on a date in Vegas. source: Instagram@jessicablevins

In August 2017 the gamer couples officially become partners not only professionally but personally as well. As there is a fact saying a successful man had a hand of the woman behind him this couple proved it and became each other's backbone.

Did Jessica Goch have any children?

No, as they are too young to be parents for now Gamer Jessica Goch and Ninja are busy and happy in their own private life. 

Seeing their attraction and love for each other we can just assume they want more freedom for some years and are not ready to take responsibility to be parents. But all his followers and family are ready to get a small Ninja sooner or later.

What had happened to Jessica's Husband Ninja?

In one of his Twitch streams, the gamer Ninja reveals he was suffering from some eyes infections in the right eye and had done many surgeries but hadn't been cured completely.

It was caused by continuously being in front of the desktop and its radiations which had infected his eyes but as her wife Jessica had always been by his side he seems alright with any problems. 

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