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Facts About Jessica Boehrs – German Singer and Ex-Wife of Marcus Grüsser

Published Thu Aug 15 2019 By Akki
Facts About Jessica Boehrs – German Singer and Ex-Wife of Marcus Grüsser

Jessica Boehrs is a German actress and singer, who was the former singer with Germany’s techno-pop act Novaspace.

Boehrs has appeared in hit movies and TV series like; EuroTrip (2004), Kreuzfahrt ins Gluck, and Storm of Love. She was born on March 5, 1980, in Magdeburg, German Democratic Republic. 

Here are 10 facts about Jessica Boehrs:

What's her Net Worth? 

Jessica Boehrs has accumulated an impressive net worth of $1 million, through her profession as an actress and singer. The comedy-adventure movie EuroTrip (2004) had a box office success with USA gross of $17.7 million, where she played the role Mieke. 

According to the Salary Expert, it is reported that an average german actress salary is around $71,145 per year, where an entry-level actress earns $50,519 and senior-level actress income is $88,083.

Jessica Boehrs poses with her car.
Jessica Boehrs taking a picture with her German car.
Image Source: Insta@jessicaboehrs

Lavish Life 

Jessica lives a lavish life being a prominent actress and singer in the show business. She is mostly found working aboard flying in a business ticket with her production team for shoot. She attends high-profile dinner parties, movies premiere and programs with the top Hollywood star. 

House in Berlin

Boehrs residence of Berlin, Germany, and lives in the luxurious house located in Potsdam. According to the Prime Location, the property in Potsdam cost nor less than $250,000. She also owns a massive apartment in Munich, Germany.

Marcus Grusser - Ex-husband 

Jessica Boehrs was previously married to an actor Marcus Grusse, who is widely for his role as Max Strehle in TV series Wildbach.

The former couple met on the set of Love on Lake Garda (2006) sharing the same profession. The ex-couple had a private wedding ceremony with the presence of a few close friends and family members. 

Boehrs and Grusse tied the knot on July 2010 in Munich and lived happily married life for 5 years. The ex-lovebird got a divorce in March 2015 after finding out about Jessica being pregnant with her extramarital affair.

Two Sons 

Jessica Boehrs is the mother of two cute sons, where her eldest son was born on September 2, 2015, with her secretive boyfriend. Her second child was born on June 5, 2018, and turned 1 by this year, where she had sprinkle rainbow chocolate cake for his birthday. 

Jessica Boehrs poses for a photo with her kids.
Jessica Boehrs taking a picture with her children.
Image Source: Insta@jessicaboehrs

Body Measurement 

The 39-year-old German actress, Jessica Boehrs is a beauty queen. She stands tall about 5 feet 8 inches (1.70m) in height with gorgeous long blonde hair and blue eyes.


Boehrs is a foodie person and she is more into bakery items. Stalking on her Instagram post, we can see her pictures posts of cakes and cookies.


Besides acting and music, Jessica Boehrs is a professional photographer. She was very passionate about click picture, where she started her career taking pictures of street art. Her pictures are printed in Dibond, which is weatherproof and doesn´t bleach in the sun with a warranty of 75 years.

In December 2013, Boehrs had her first exhibition as a Fat Lucy Munich. Later on, she changed her project name into Fat Lucy Berlin.

Jessica Boehrs poses for a picture in exhibition.
Jessica Boehrs taking a picture with her work.
Image Source: Insta@jessicaboehrs

Official Website 

Jessica Boehrs has an official website, featuring options of Vita, Pictures, Showreel, Voice, and News. Her fans and well-wisher can know more about the actress of through website, where she updates about her work and day to day activities.

The website also include the contract of her agencies, where an event management team and producers can contact her for business inquires. 

Living Low Profile

Jessica Boehrs is very sensitive about her private life and speaks less about her personal life in an interview and press confernces. 

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