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Jesse Eisenberg's $20 Net Worth - Movies & Books Earnings and House in Indiana

Published Sun Oct 13 2019 By aisha
Jesse Eisenberg's $20  Net Worth - Movies & Books Earnings and House in Indiana

Jesse Eisenberg is an American actor, author, and playwright who has has net worth of cool $20 million. He is best known for his role as Mark Zuckerberg in the movie The Social Network which is the real-life story of the Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. 

His outstanding performance in Hollywood has helped him to become a successful actor from which he is able to win many awards. Some of his best works are in The Double, The Squid and the Whale, Batman vs Superman, Justice League and more. 

Income Source and Earning from his career 

Jesse Eisenberg started his career at the very early age of eight in a play, then in 1999 he made his television debut in the Get Real series. He then rose to fame and got his first leading role in Roger Dodger in 2002. He has earned $6 million from his movies The Double, Night Moves, Camp Hell, The Village, Now you see me and more. 

Then he was part of big-budget Hollywood movies like Justice League, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Now you see me and others Jesse has appeared in many television shows like Get real, Good morning America, Scrat's Treasure hunt, Modern Family and others. 

He has produced 4 soundtracks of his own for 'Rio', 'Rio 2', 'The Squid and Whale', and 'He's way more famous than you' also has produced and directed one series 'Bream Gives me Hiccup' and a documentary 'The World Before Your Feet'. 

Filed $3 million in the lawsuit  

Jesse Eisenberg once filed a lawsuit against the producer of the film, Camp Hell by claiming exploitation which cost $3 million and later he appeared on the movie as a favor to his friend and charged $3,000 per day.

Earning from Rio  

Jesse Eisenberg in his black coat while blue colored Blu in his shoulder
Jesse Eisenberg as Blu.
Image source:Film Check

Rio is an adventure-comedy animated movie where the 35 years actor has given his voice to a frictional character Tyler Blu Gunderson known as Blu in Rio and Rio 2. The movie Rio grossed $341,015,951 worldwide while Rio 2 collected $368,563,537 worldwide while Jesse made $1.5 million from the voice-over.  

House and Cars owned by Jesse 

Jesse Eisenberg owns a house in Bloomington, Indiana, U.S. and has said that buying a house was a mistake for him cause when the house falls apart he wouldn't be there to fix it. 

Jesse Eisenberg getting out of his black Maserati in his Tuxedo
Jesse Eisenberg getting out of his Maserati car.
Image Source:Zimbio

He has very luxurious and expensive cars but his mostly used car is Maserati which price range is from $76,475 to $152,375. 

Earning as Author  

Jesse Eisenberg sitting in library in front a his books on the glass table
Jesse Eisenberg in Lilly Library for his book promotion
Image Source:

As Jesse is also an author he has wrote 4 books which are The Spoils: The Play, Beams gives me hiccup, La Dorada me donne le Hoque(French edition), and El besugo me da hippo(Spanish Edition). The book Beams gives me hiccup is Jesse's upcoming projects as he is going to make a movie on it. His earning from the book is estimated to be $85,000.   

Charity Works

Jesse Eisenberg Supports much charity, organization and foundation like Farm Sanctuary, Keep America Beautiful, Shoe Revolt, and more. He announces that he is 95% vegan in 2015 and has been involved in foresting animals as he is very fond of cats. He also said that he will raise funds up to $100,000 for the domestic violence shelter in Bloomington, Indiana in April 2016. 

In 2018, he said that he has raised $1 million for the shelter and has saved so many lives from it.

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