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Meet Jenny Funnell - British Actress Known as "Sandy" From As Time Goes By

Published Fri Dec 13 2019 By Akki
Meet Jenny Funnell - British Actress Known as "Sandy" From As Time Goes By

The 1984 Carleton Hobbs National Radio Award, Jenny Funnell is an English actress. She has worked over 26 hit movies and TV series including BBC sitcom; As Time Goes By. She was born on May 20, 1963, in Kenya.

Here are 10 facts about Actress Funnell's life;

What's her Net Worth? 

Jenny Funnell has an impressive net worth is $700,000 and the majority of her wealth is made through acting career. She generates a good amount of money from her appearance in TV and movies. Her income from the voice-overs for the different character of games also contribute to her fortune.

A picture of Jenny Funnell.
Jenny Funnell taking a picture having breakfast.
Image Source: Jenny Funnell @FB

House in Sussex

Funnell lives in East Sussex, South England with her family as mention on her Twitter. According to the East Sussex Zoopla broker, the houses for sales in the town starts at the price of £150,000.

Husband - Sam Dale

The English actor, Sam Dale is the man, who won the heart of the beauty queen Funnell. The lovey-dovey couple got married promising the long life together.

Following the marriage, the pair have been blessed with a beautiful child. 

Jenny Funnell family photo.
Jenny Funnell taking a family photo.
Image Source: Jenny Funnell @FB

Charming Daughter - Kathy Ella Dale

Jenny and Sam Dale are the parents of charming princess Kathy Ella Dale. Their child has gowned up and currently studying at King's College London. She studied and got graduated from Brighton and Hove High School.

Sibling - Julie Funnell

The 56 years old star, Jenny has a twin sister Julie Funnell. The siblings are in good terms and close to one another. Stalking on their social media, we can see pictures and videos full of two sisters' comments. 

Body Specification 

The Poirot actress, Funnell looks glamorous in a slim body build. Her sparkling face has a great match of sharp cheekbones and jawlines. Her hypnotic eyes are in brown colors and has brown hair.

Jenny Funnell taking a picture.
Jenny Funnell posing for a photo.
Image Source; Jenny Funnell @FB

Education - Alma Mater

Following the education background of the actress, she studied at Woodlea Primary School of Woldingham, Surrey. After graduating in 1973, she enrolled in Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. In college, she attended drama/theatre art classes and earn a bachelor's degree in 1985.


Being a part of the show business, one should be able to speak several languages to gets roles in TV and movies. Following the acting career of Jenny, she is capable of talking fluently in English and French.

Social Media Presence 

Jenny Fennell has a Twitter account with 932 followers till the present. She tweets about her daily life and works ensuring her fans and well-wishers don't get wrong information. She also retweets her family and friend's posts that can be interesting to other fellows.  

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