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Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgeries – Before and After Pictures

Published Mon Aug 05 2019 By DGM
Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgeries – Before and After Pictures

The American actress, singer, songwriter, director, and producer Jennifer Love Hewitt who is best known for her role in the movie 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' is rumored to have gone under the knife and had three plastic surgeries.

Jennifer denies all the rumors about her plastic surgeries and says that her body is totally natural. Here is a detailed piece of information on the possible surgeries that the actress may have gone through:

Jennifer Love Hewitt Before & After

Jennifer Hewitt, who has an estimated net worth of $18 million has been through some serious noticeable changes recently. From her face to her body, everything seems pretty modified. Take a look at the picture below:

A picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt Before (Left) and After (Right).
Jennifer Love Hewitt Before (Left) and After (Right).

As you can clearly see in the picture above, you can discover that the eminent singer's breasts size has seemingly fastened and become huge in the latter pic which is of her past. Along with that, her belly portion and nose job also appear somewhat changed. Hence, she is accused to have done breast implants, liposuction, and nose job.

Breast Implants Surgery Allegations

Critics mostly allege the mother of Autumn James Hallisay and Atticus James Hallisay to have gone under the surgeon's knife and had breast implants done. Why wouldn't they? After all, she has had noticeable changes in the size of her breasts throughout these years. 

For an actress who once had average sized breasts to have such larger and attention-seeking breasts, it is very uncommon to be a result of natural changes. It highly hints us towards the implants on breasts which she might have had.

Nose Job Rumors

The another surgery that the 'The Tuxedo' actress Hewitt is alleged to have is a nose job. Yes, she is believed to have her nose layout fixed through rhinoplasty procedure that helps to re-modify the appearing structure of a person. 

People insist that Jennifer Love has softened and shortened her nose as per her desire as we can notice in the picture from her past and the present.

A picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt before (left) and after (right).
Jennifer Love Hewitt before (left) and after (right).

It also appears that there is a slight change at the base of nasal bridge of Brian Hallisay's wife which can't occur with aging. It is definite that she may had a nose job because the tip of her nose also has started appearing perfectly shaved and a masterpiece of a surgeon's wife.


The liposuction rumor is something that most of you are going to agree on. Well, this is because the 40 years old actress used to be more like a cute chubby person with a bit weighted body in the past and now, she has completely transformed into a slim gorgeous lady. How can that be possible all of a sudden? 

The first thing that comes in our mind is the use of liposuction procedure for sure. It is kind of obvious as the star has managed to change her body into a slim and stunning body in a short period of time. 

When asked about Plastic Surgeries, Jennifer Love Hewitt denies the allegation and says that she got slimmer because she has a good diet and routine exercise. That can be true as well but the chance of Liposuction is also pretty high.

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