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Jennifer Grey Nose Job Disaster – Before and After Surgery Pictures

Published Sun Jul 21 2019 By DGM
Jennifer Grey Nose Job Disaster – Before and After Surgery Pictures

The 'Dirty Dancing' star Jennifer Grey has gone under the knife and enhanced her nose which people consider to have gone wrong. She is also rumored to have done two other plastic surgeries.

Jennifer doesn't like to talk about her cosmetic surgery much but has openly admitted to it. Here is a piece of information that represents the possibilities of her going under the knife:

Jennifer Grey Before and After

The worth $10 million, Grey, has changed her nose layout throughout her career. Her nose was a lot different in the past than how it is at present. Take a look at the picture below:

A before and after picture of Jennifer Grey.
Jennifer Grey's nose looks so different in both pictures.

As you can easily point out from the picture given above, the 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' star's nose structure completely varies in both the pictures. Her nose altered as a result of her post-surgery.

Nose Job Disaster

Clark Gregg's wife had a nose job that went terribly wrong altering her look in a totally different way. She underwent the surgery in order to have a finer and sharp toned nose. Opposite to her expectation, she ended up getting it even a bigger and unusual. 

People didn't admire the aftermath of the nose job that the New York native got. Some of her fans even considered her procedure to be a disaster claiming that it damaged her beauty. They criticize her a lot for having such a disastrous nose.

What Does Grey Think of Her Surgery?

Stella Gregg's mother doesn't like her nose job at all. She didn't get the results as she wanted from the surgery. Unlike other celebrities who even don't admit getting nose job, she openly regrets it without hesitation.

A picture of Jennifer Grey's altered nose these days.
Jennifer's nose altered disastrously after the nose job she had.
PC: Instagram@jennifer_grey

Though the Golden Globe Award nominated actress has admitted to regret her plastic surgery, she doesn't seem to interested in talking about much. 

When an interviewer of She Knows asked about her nose on phone, she immediately cut the call off and later wouldn't even receive the call. This proves that she is reluctant to talk much about her nose disaster.

Lip Fillers Allegation

The Manhattan-born actress has also allegedly injected her lips with fillers and increased the size of her lips. Her lips were smaller in the past but they have become a bit bigger and broader now. As her before and after pictures tell  she might have probably had her lips injection.

Botox Rumors

Rumors circulate that the 'Grey's Anatomy' star is also accused of using Botox to maintain her face. Some of her fans believe that she underwent Botox procedure to maintain her face as she is in her late fifties.

A before and after picture of Jennifer Grey.
Jennifer Grey is still beautiful as she was back in the 80s.

The above picture gives a clear conclusion that Grey has maintained her youthful face despite being so old. She is still young and the heart of all the 'Dirty Dancing' fans.

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