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Jennifer Grey Nose Job Disaster – Before and After Surgery Pictures

Published Sun Jul 21 2019 By DGM
Jennifer Grey Nose Job Disaster – Before and After Surgery Pictures

The 'Dirty Dancing' star Jennifer Grey has undergone a nose job which people consider to have gone wrong very badly. Her nose layout has changed a lot throughout her professional acting years which is probably an outcome of a surgeon's knife.

Jennifer doesn't like to talk about her cosmetic surgery much but has openly admitted to it. Here is a piece of information that represents the possibilities of her going under the knife:

Jennifer Grey Before and After

Jennifer who holds a thrilling net worth of $10 million has had a serious change in her nose layout. Her nose was a lot different in the past than how it is at the present. Take a look at the picture below:

A picture of Jennifer Grey before (left) and after (right).
Jennifer Grey's nose looks so different in both pictures.

As you can easily point out from the picture given above, the nose layout completely varies in both the pictures. This hints us in thinking that Grey has probably had a rhinoplasty done to enhance the way her nose appears. Well, that is what we all allege the actress has done, don't we?

Nose Job Disaster

The wife of Clark Gregg has had a nose job that went terribly wrong altering her look in a totally different way. She did the surgery in order to have a finer and sharp toned nose, instead she ended up getting it even a bigger and unusual. 

The actress has had a not so cool look after she applied the knife on her face. People consider the procedure to be a disaster that damaged her beauty. 

The 59 years old (as of July 2019) Jennifer did the plastic surgery in order to have a more appealing and finer nose but she opposite to her expectation, her nose is now that everyone criticizes her for.

What Does Grey Think of Her Surgery?

The mother of one doesn't like the work on her nose at all. She says that she didn't the get the results as she wanted from the surgery. And she regrets it without hesitation unlike other celebrities who even don't admit having the job done. 

We respect the courage of the star that she admitted going under the knife and later regretting it.

A picture of Jennifer Grey in the present days.
Jennifer Grey's nose in the as of 2019.

Though the Golden Globe Award nominated actress has admitted to regret her plastic surgery, she doesn't seem to interested in talking about much. 

When an interviewer of She Knows asked about her nose on phone, she immediately cut the call off and later wouldn't even receive the call. This shows that she is reluctant to talk much about her nose disaster.

Lip Fillers Allegation

There have been many speculations that the Manhattan-born actress has also injected her lips with fillers and accordingly increased the size of her lips. Her lips were smaller in the past and now, they have become a bit bigger and the area of the lips have spread too. So, we assume that she actually used the lip fillers. 

Botox Rumors

Rumors circulate that the 'Grey's Anatomy' star has also used Botox to maintain her face. And it seems somehow reasonable because Jennifer Grey is in her late fifties and is still so beautiful regardless of her age. 

How can she has maintain her fine lines and wrinkles with only makeup? That doesn't make any sense because no foundation can hide your aging signs perfectly. Hence, Botox injection is also a strong expectation that is made on her flawless face.

A picture of Jennifer Grey before (left) and after (right).
Jennifer Grey is still beautiful as she was back in the 80s.

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