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10 Interesting Facts About Jennifer Delonge - Tom DeLonge's Ex Wife Jenny's Life After Divorce

Published Sun Feb 09 2020 By Akki
10 Interesting Facts About Jennifer Delonge - Tom DeLonge's Ex Wife Jenny's Life After Divorce

The American entrepreneur and interior designer, Jennifer Jenkins Delonge is the proprietor of "Jennifer DeLonge, Inc." She is an ex-wife of the renowned musician, actor, and filmmaker, Tom Delonge. 

She gained limelight following her marriage with a star and share two children Jonas Rocket and Ava Elizabeth with the former Blink 182's lead Thomas. Currently, she lives in San Diego, California after dissolution of her 18 years long wedlock with her former husband Tom DeLonge. 

Net Worth

Jennifer DeLonge is a successful entrepreneur and interior designer, with an estimated net worth of $5 million. All credit goes to her intellectual capabilities and knowledge base. 

She is a founder and designer in "Jennifer DeLonge, Inc." since November 2005. She is highly recommended among celebrities and high-end boutiques.

A picture of Jennifer and her pet.
Jennifer and her pet at the backdoor of her house.
Image Source: Insta@jenniferdelonge

Added that, she also had a portion of creative control over her ex-husband's projects like To The Stars Academy, Angels and Airwaves, and other docu-series that Tom had his hands on.


The former Blink-182 member, Tom DeLonge, and Jennifer were married for almost two decades. The ex-couple exchanged the vows on May 26, 2001, in between dear ones at Coronado Island in San Diego Bay. 

The lover's life was once filled with joy and happiness and the family looked perfect with two adorable children they parented.

Though they are divorced, Jenny still has Tom's pictures in her older IG posts which shows that they are respecting each other's decision and hold nothing against each other.

After 18 years, the duo knocked court's door with a legal cut-ties paper. Following the filing, their relationship came to an end, reportedly, the former Blink front-man was the one who filed for the divorce sighting “irreconcilable differences” in September 2019. 


Jennifer is the mother of a beautiful daughter, Ava Elizabeth DeLonge and a handsome son, Jonas Rocket DeLonge. 

The former lovers had their first child Ava a year after their marriage on July 15, 2002. Likewise, their youngest and second Jonas was born in 2006. 

Although the pair isn't together, they plan on co-parenting their kids.

A rare photo of DeLonge family.
Tom Delonge with his ex-wife and children for a photo.
Image Source: Fame Maker


The entrepreneur, Jenkins attended the San Diego State University of California and has a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design.

Body Specification 

The mother of two, Jennifer has an average height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m), where her former spouse Tom is tall about 6 feet 3 inches (1.93 m) tall. 

She has a stunning hourglass figure and weighs around 52 kg (114 Ibs). She has glowing grey eyes and natural brown hair but she usually dies it blond.


The beautiful, DeLonge is passionate about tattoos and has inked a tattoo on her body. 

She has a little sacred geometry tattoo of three triangles on her left wrist, which represents the order of the universe, as per Jenny's Instagram post. 

Additionally, the three triangles also represent Tom DeLonge's current band AVA and her daughter's name, so its only natural that Jennifer gets it on her wrist, because she is pretty close to her daughter Ava.

A famous tattoo artist Devin Bennett inked her wrist in the Dame of the West Tattoo store in February 2019.


Despite her busy schedules and demanding job Jennifer DeLonge love to spare time for refreshment trips. 

She prefers to spend time away from cities into nature and likes to have her kids around on her tours whenever they are on vacation or are off the schools. 

She has traveled to various tourist destinations in and out of the United States including Arizona, Sian Ka'an, and Nassau.

A selfie of Jennifer DeLonge.
Jennifer taking a selfie in the desert.
Image Source: Jennifer DeLonge Instagram

Animal Lover 

Jenkins is a passionate animal lover and raises two dogs, two cats, two turtles, and four fishes.

She often takes photos with her pets and is seen posting them on her social sites.


Tom DeLonge ex-wife, Jennifer has experience as a volunteer with Feeding America, a non-profit organization, to collect and distribute food supplies for underprivileged children.

Social Media Presence 

Looking forward to online Presence, Jennifer Delonge runs an Instagram account and has 40k followers on IG. She is usually seen hanging out with Ava which shows that she is closer to her daughter who is almost 18 years old now.

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