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Some Interesting Facts About Jen Flaum- Aaron Judge's Ex Chick Who Recently Made Her IG Private

Published Wed Feb 05 2020 By Akki
Some Interesting Facts About Jen Flaum- Aaron Judge's Ex Chick Who Recently Made Her IG Private

The American native, Jennifer Flaum is an assistant strategist for Horizon Media. She rose to fame following her link with a Yankees baseballer, Aaron Judge.

Jennifer is the daughter of James Flaum and Nancy Flaum, born on May 28, 1995, in New Jersey, United States. Prioritizing her career, she currently, resides in New York City.

Here are a few lesser-known facts about Jen Flaum, let's get right into it!

Net Worth 

Jen Flaum has accumulated a net worth of $200,000 as she has an impressive salary, which comes from her profession as an assistant strategist. 

She earns around $37,221 yearly being a staff of a reputed media company, Horizon Media, since 2017. In the company, her responsibility and duties are to make a social strategy and influence marketing. 

A picture of Jen with her wine.
Jen posing for a photo with her wine.
Image Source: TMZ


The New Jersey born strategist, Flaum is now a subject of media attention after she dated the famous baseball outfielder, Aaron Judge. Being a big Yankees fan, it was enough for her to get pull into handsome Judge. The duo made several headlines following their union in 2017. 

Back then, the pair was also caught enjoying together at Arthur Ashe Stadium attended Rafael Nadal vs. Leonardo Mayer's match. 

The couple then took to their social sites and went public after they were caught hand on hand attending the Tennis event. Though, it looked like they were tied for life, they broke eventually.


Jennifer has a two loving brother; a twin, Matthew Harrison, and a younger Andrew J. Flaum. All the siblings are college graduated and are busy with their respective career. 

Though they are busy with their works, they often spare time to spend with each other traveling various destinations like; London, Africa, and Mexico. 

A photo of Jen and her siblings.
Jen siblings carrying her.
Image Source: Jennifer Sara@FB


The assistant strategist, Flaum had grabbed her high school certificate from Ramapo High School in 2013. Similarly, she acquires her bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan in 2017. In the college days, she chose psychology and marketing as a major subject to completed her bachelor.

Intern in Three Companies 

Prior to her college graduation, Jen worked as an intern for three major companies. Firstly, she joined Morgan Stanley for a month of training as a private wealth management intern in July 2014.

Secondly, in 2015 she had a marketing intern in Fisher Brother for two months and finally she completed her stretegic-interns from Mediavest l Spark for 3 months from June to August of 2016.


Aaron Judge's ex-girlfriend, Flaum is a charismatic figure with great appeal to humanity. Her kindness towards helping other people has been the root to her success. 

In 2009, she joined Kula for the Karma team as a volunteer to train yoga to underprivileged people for 4 years. Further, she also volunteered as a tutor in the National Honor Society. Mostly, in her 2 years period of services, she helped students in math homework, grammar rules, and editing essays.

Jen taking a photo on her graduation day.
Jen outside her college.
Image Source: FB@Jennifer Sara

$25,000 Donation for College Funds 

In her college days, till December 2015, Jen's father, James Flaum donated $25,000 from the Flaum Family Scholarship Fund.

 All the donations received by The University of Michigan Regents’ Communication is utilized in the form of scholarships for impoverished background.

Social Media Presence 

Jennifer Flaum is a actively engaged in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

She has more than 2.5k fan following her on her official Instagram, which is no longer public.

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