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Facts About Jean Sagal - American Actress

Published Fri Aug 09 2019 By Renan
Facts About Jean Sagal - American Actress

Jean Sagal is an American actress and director. She is widely known for her movies, Double Trouble and Grease 2. She is also the director of the popular comedy TV shows Last Man Standing.

Sagal was born on October 9, 1961 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. as Barbara Jean Sagal. Later, she removed Barbara and kept only Jean Sagal as her name after entering in film industry. 

Here are the ten facts about Jean Sagal:

What's her Net Worth?

Jean Sagal is a successful actress, who has accumulated an impressive net worth of $500,000. According to the Net Worth Buzz, it is reported that an actress earns $50,000 yearly in the United States.

Brands and Endorsement

Being a successful actor and director, Sagal has also took part in advertisement campaigns of different globally leading brands and products. She has also appeared in Double mint Twins, along with her sister Liz Sagal, in 1983 Double mint Gum Commercial. Not only this, but the Sagal twins worked in McDonald's ad.

Lavish Life

The gorgeous actress is living a luxurious life, one of the best part of her life, enjoying every moments. She loves travelling to different places. She is spotted attending many parties, musical and other events. She is also seen on the tour to high hills and mountains for skiing on the snow.

Also a Director

The 57 years old actress doesn't only have the skills to act in the TV and film roles but also she has the ability give directions in making a movie. She has been associate of director of two sitcom, 2 Broke Girls and Two and a Half Men.

Sagal has also directed some sucessful TV shows like, Just Shoot Me, Wizards of Waverly Place and So Little Time. Thus, she is multi talented personality.

Legendary Father Boris Sagal

The multi talented actress is the daughter of legendary TV actor and director Boris Sagal. He was famous and known for his TV shows and movies like, The Omega Man, Mosquito Squadron and Twilight of Honor.

A picture of Boris Sagal, Jean Sagal's father.
Boris Sagal, Father of Jean Sagal.
Image Source: Find A Grave.

He died on May 22 1981, at the age of 57, where he was accidentally decapitated by the helicopter blades in the set of World War III.

Fond of Pets

Beyond fulling the wish of living luxurious life, Jean Sagal is also fond of pet dogs. She has owned two cute puppies, one is black and another is brown in color. Both are named after the popular musical artists, Snoop Dogg and Elvis. She keeps on updating the photos of her puppies on the social sites.

Pet Dogs Of Jean Sagal.
Pet Dogs of Jean Sagal.
Image Source: Instagram @jeansagal


Jean Sagal was raised up Boris as a single parent after her mother, Sara Zwilling, died in 1975 when Sagal was just 14 years of age. Then in 1977, Boris was married to Marge Champion, who is an American dancer, choreographer, and stage and screen actress.

Stepmother of Sagal, Champion had two sons, Gregg Champion and Blake Champion.

Debut Movie

Jean started her career after the debut in Grease 2 along with her twin sister, Liz Sagal, as a character of Sorority Girl. She then performed in the next hit TV show Double Trouble starring James Vallely, Jonathan Schmock and Liz Sagal. Later on, she gave successful movies like Last Man Standing, Fuller House and Marlon.


Sagal family is one of the biggest family in the film and TV show industry. She has two sisters, Liz Sagal and Katey Sagal, and three brothers, Joe Sagal, David Sagal and Gregg Champion. And the most interesting part is that all of them belongs to and are active in the same indusrty.

Social Sites

The Grease 2's actress Jean Sagal is active on social sites where she updates posts and pictures of her. She is on Instagram, account name @jeansagal and twitter @Jeansagal.

Jean rarely posts on her social sites specially on twitter. But when she travels to new places or attends events, she updates on her Instagram and also about her pet dogs.  

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