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Know Jaye Sousoures - Facts and Photos of Joe Maddon's Wife Who is a Businesswoman

Published Thu Jan 21 2021 By Aashika
Know Jaye Sousoures - Facts and Photos of Joe Maddon's Wife Who is a Businesswoman

Jaye Sousoures grabbed the attention of the media and the public as the wife of Joe Maddon. Her husband is a baseball manager of Major League Baseball (MLB). 

She was born on 13th April 1962 in the United States. Her parent's name is Red Sousoures and Eileen Sousoures and is only one daughter of them. 

She completed her education at Union High School and later enrolled in Western State University with a degree in Law. 

Let's look at the below passage to know more about Sousoures. 

What' Her Net Worth?

Jaye Sousoures has an estimated net worth of $1 million which she earned through her business. She is the co-founder of a company, 'Third Base Concierge' along with a partner Stephanie Renia. 

It served computer tutoring, paralegal services, personal shopping, running errands, and event planning. 

Moreover, Maddon's spouse is currently working as the CEO of the fitness center, 'Epic Boxing & Fitness'.  

Husband: Joe Maddon

Sousoures met Maddon at the Rossmoor Athletic Club in 1995 from where their love story began. After dating for long years, the two got engaged in 2007. On 8th November 2008, they married at church in Queen Mary in Long Beach. 

The couple has been together for almost 12 years of conjugal life. Though, they don't have children together but are happy with each other.

A wedding day picture of Jaye Sousoures and Joe Maddon.
Image Source: Pinterest

Age Gap Between Two

As we know that there is an age gap between Jaye and Joe. She is 12 years younger than her partner. There is a quote that " Love doesn't look Age Number, Caste, and Racism." which has been proved by this couple. 

They have never taken this topic personally and are living loveful life holding each other hands. 

Maddon's Previous Marriage 

Before 'Third Base Concierge'  founder, the former manager of 'MBL' of Chigaco was the husband of Betty Maddon (Stanton). They exchanged their vows in 1981 which they ended in 1999. 

The then-pair shares two children whose custody was given in joint by which they remain friends later.  

Two Step-Children

She has two step-children who are from her husband's first marriage. They are Sarah Maddon, born in 1983, and Joey Maddon II. 

Both of them have a good relation with Sousoures which we can see in the family pictures. Sarah and Joey try to maintain their personal life away from media. 

Two stepchildren Sarah Maddon and Joey Maddon II.
Image Source: Pinterest

Grand Mother of Five

As being a stepmother of two children of Joe's, she has five grandchildren. Whereas three from Sarah and two from Betty's sides. 

All five grandchildren spent quality time with their grandparents. They also captured together in the baseball field with Maddon and his wife.  

Jaye Sousoures's pictures with her grandsons and husband.
Image  Source: Tampa Bay Times

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