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Jay Osmonds’ All Three Kids With Ex-Wife Kandilyn Harris Osmond

Published Thu Aug 15 2019 By DGM
Jay Osmonds’ All Three Kids With Ex-Wife Kandilyn Harris Osmond

The American drummer and a member of the Osmonds (a family musical group) Jay Osmond has a total of three children and all of them are sons. He had his kids from his ex-wife, Kandilyn Harris Osmond, and doesn't have any kids with his current wife, Karen Randall.

Jay and Kandilyn were married for 24 years between the period of 1987 to 2011. Here is all the information about the three children of the professional drummer:

Jason George Osmond

Jason George Osmond is the eldest son of the drummer with his first wife Kandilyn Harris Osmond and he was born on the 23rd of September, 1988. His name is kept after his legendary musician and the patriarch of the Osmonds band George Osmond.

A picture of Jason George Osmond with his wife Lauren and kids.
Jason George Osmond with his wife Lauren and kids.
Image Source: renosmond

Jason has been married to his wife, Lauren Merill Osmond since 2011 and even shares three lovely kids; a son Grayson Osmond, and two daughters Roslyn Omsond and Charlotte Osmond from their relationship of eight years. 

Jason loves his kids very much and spends most of his time playing with them. What an ideal father he is!

George is very much active on Instagram by the name @jason_george_osmond where he regularly posts pictures and videos with his wife and children.

Eric Clinton Osmond

Eric Clinton Osmond is the second son that the legendary drummer Jay Osmond had with his ex-wife. He was born on the 2nd of January, 1991, and is the middle child of his parents.

Jay has established himself as a renowned actor and has played in movies such as 'Stalker' and 'Stone Cold.' He has accumulated an impressive fortune of $300,000 from his acting career. 

Besides acting, he is also a singer just like his dad, and even produces movies. So, he has been involved in different earnings to make a living for himself. It appears as if he has already learned to be hardworking and successful like his father

Clinton is quite active on Instagram where his account goes by the name @ericosmond.official. He has gained a huge follower base of 48.7k followers and has posted 397 posts to date. He uses his IG for posting his songs, videos, and pictures which help to keep his well-wishers updated.

Marcus Jay Osmond 

Marcus Jay Osmond is the youngest child of Jay and Kandilyn who was born on the 8th of January, 1996. His name is kept after his musician dad with only Marcus being added as the first name.

A picture of Marcus Jay Osmond
Marcus Jay Osmond.
Image Source: Twitter@Flying_Giraffe1

Unlike his two elder brothers, Marcus isn't on Instagram and doesn't have any pictures or videos on the platform. He is barely spotted hanging out with his brothers and it is because he doesn't prefer to be in the limelight and wants to stay out of the glare of fame.

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