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Parker Young'd Daughter Jaxon Orion Young With Partner/Fiancee Stephanie Weber

Published Mon Jun 03 2019 By DGM
Parker Young'd Daughter Jaxon Orion Young With Partner/Fiancee Stephanie Weber

Jaxon Orion Young is a celebrity baby girl of the American actor, Parker Young and his fiancee Stephanie Weber. She was born on 19th July, 2018 as the couple stated that they were expecting a baby back in March,2018.

The name Jaxon has a meaning in the English origin which means "god has been gracious, he shows favour." And as for Orion, it is the girl's name according to Greek origin and it means "rising in the sky." Well, the name seems to suit perfectly for the baby girl as she is a gift to Parker and his partner from the god and she is already a beautiful star rising in the sky."

Jaxon's Parents Aren't Married Yet

It may sound weird but the 30 years old (as of May 2019) Parker Young has not married to his baby mama yet. However, the couple has been engaged after a very long relationship since their days in high school together. 

A picture of Stephanie Weber with her fiancee Parker Young.
Parker Young and his fiancee Stephanie Weber. Image Source: [email protected]

Young met his fiancee and love of his life in high school when he was 17 and she was 15. So far, the relationship of these two lovebirds has resulted in a beautiful baby girl and they are happy by every means because there's no happiness in the world as being a parent, is there?

Since the parents of the baby girl has already been engaged to each other, they will very soon tie the knot. We, the fans of Parker, are eagerly for the day to arrive in the days ahead.

Net Worth of Orion's Parents

Jaxon's father has a massive earning of $12 million as an actor in American movies. He amasses such a huge fortune acting in movies such as "4th Man Out", "Killer Reality" and "The Boss." Similarly, Young is also a model and does modeling on shows and events. An average model in the US earns $48,130 and Parker also earns similar amount of money as a model. So, his net worth should be around $13 million.

Stephanie Weber, the mother of Jaxon, is an entrepreneur and an average entrepreneur in the states earns $44,642 in a year. So, we can say that her salary is also somewhere around $50,000. Furthermore, Weber is also a Founder/Creative Director at website from which earns an avergae amount of  $87,019 yearly. Therefore, Stephanie's net fortune is around $150,000.

Parker Young and Stephanie Weber Welcomed Their First Baby

The "Cupid's Arrow" star Parker Young and his fiancee/partner had been expecting their first baby since March, 2019 when they publicly announced it. And as god fulfilled their wish, they were gifted with a beautiful baby girl on July 19, 2018. 

A picture of Parker Young holding his newly born daughter.
Parker Young holding his newly born daughter, Jaxon Orion Young. Image Source: [email protected]

The couple welcomed their first child with great love and happiness. Orion's dad also took it to his social media accounts to share his happiness with his fans. He captioned the photo

"Welcome to the world baby girl"

The "Enlisted" star also wrote Daddy's J.O.Y. which is his daughter's name, Jaxon Orion Young, in short form. How creative of Stephanie's husband and Jaxon's father to name her daughter like this?

Parker Loves His J.O.Y Very Much

Parker Young loves his baby girl, Jaxon, and keeps posting photos and videos of her on his Instagram account. The beautiful little angle of Young also seems to love her dad a lot.

A picture of Parker Young kissing his daughter.
Parker Young and his daughter Jaxon Orion Young. Image Source: [email protected]

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