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Get to Know Jason Starkey – Ringo Starr’s Son With Maureen Starkey Tigrett

Published Fri May 29 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Jason Starkey – Ringo Starr’s Son With Maureen Starkey Tigrett

Jason Starkey is well-known for being the son of Sir Richard Starkey MBE aka Ringo Starr and Maureen Starkey Tigrett. He was born on August 19, 1967, at the Hammersmith, London. He is also a British road manager, drummer, and photographer.

His name Jason is of Greek origin from the namelason which means "healer". Let's look at more info about Jason Starkey.

Parents' Net worth

Starkey's father Ringo Starr has a whopping net worth of $350 million. He earned from his music career. He is known as a singer, songwriter, and actor from Liverpool. Not only that, but he is also in the list of 10th richest rock star in the world. He began his music career in 1960 as the band member of "The Beatles".

Likewise, his mother Maureen Starkey Tigrett's net worth estimated around $2 million. She made her worth as a trainee hairdresser who started working at 14.

Parents Relationship

Sir Richard Starkey got married to hairdresser Maureen Starkey Tigrett in 1965. The couple stays together for more than decades and has three children together. They divorced in 1975 when Jason was seven years old. Three children custody is given to Tigrett while his father got the visiting rights.

His father Ringo Starr and mother Maureen Starkey Tigrett.

Self-Net worth

As a drummer, Starkey has around $750,000 net worth. He follows his father's footsteps and made a career in the music field. Besides musician, his primary source serving as a road manager and photographer. He played drums in a band such as Buddy Curtis and the Grasshoppers, The People's Friend, Empire of Sponge, and so on. 

Relationship and Marital Life

Ringo Starr's son, Starkey is a married and family man. He got married to Flora Evans Starkey. They exchanged vows in 2010. He is the father of four children with her wife Flora. The family of six-member is happily living in London. 

Jason Starkey with his lovely wife Flora Evans Starkey.

Father of Four Children

Jason Starkey is a proud father of four sons named Louie Starkey (1999), Sonny Starkey (2002), Rock Starkey (2009), and Budy Starkey (2011). He has maintained a low key of his sons. Sometimes, he spotted with his sons at some events. Let's hope his sons also make a career in music like their father and grandfather.

Two Siblings and Half-Sibling

Starkey is blessed with one elder brother named, Zak Starkey who is also a professional drummer and has a sister named, Lee Starkey who is known, fashion designer, and makeup artist. Similarly, he has half-sister, Augusta Tigrett from his mother's second marriage with Isaac Tigrett.

A childhood picture of Lee Starkey, Zak Starkey, and Jason Starkey.
Image Source: Pinterest

Criminal Records

'Empire of Sponge' drummer, Starkey has some criminal records. In the year 1987, he was caught red-handed when he was stealing a car stereo for that fined £125. Later, in 1989, he was spotted twice in court for drug charges.

Death of Mother 

At the age of 27, Starkey lost his mother with whom he was most close. His mother, Maureen Starkey died on the date 30 December 1994. Her cause of died was leukemia.

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