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About Jason Schanne - Facts and Pics of Bruno Tonioli's Boyfriend Who is a Model

Published Wed Dec 23 2020 By Aashika
About Jason Schanne - Facts and Pics of Bruno Tonioli's Boyfriend Who is a Model

Jason Schanne is a British model who got immense fame after dating Bruno Tonioli. The pair is one of the famous gay couples in the Hollywood industry.

They have been in a relationship for decades and happily living as life partners. Schanne was born in the 1980s in London, England, and belongs to British nationality. 

Here are some facts and details about Schanne:

Net worth: $200 Thousand 

Schanne has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand. He makes his money from modeling. 

While, his boyfriend, Tonioli has an impressive amount of net worth $16 million. His source of income comes from his career as a dancer and choreographer. He also appears in television shows where his salary is $300 thousand per episode. The dancer is a judge on 'Dancing with the Stars' and 'Strictly Come Dancing'.  

Love Life with Bruno Tonioli

Jason Schanne met the choreographer, Bruno Tonioli in the mid-2000s. After knowing each other more they started dating in 2010. To celebrate their two years of relationships, they threw a party and invited some close friends in 2012. 

At the same party, the two got engaged and are now in a healthy relationship. His partner Tonioli usually shares pictures of two on the Instagram account. 

Boyfriend and now-fiance Bruno Tonioli. 
Image Source: Hello Magazines

Sexual Orientation

Being a celebrity, it is difficult to come out about sexual orientation. But both Schanne and Tonioli revealed their gender and are open about their relationship and sex towards media as well as the public. 

In 21 century, some people are afraid to reveal their gender as the two set an example some people can get the courage, to tell the truth.   

Tonioli’s Previous Relationship

Before dating Schanne, 'Dancing with the Stars' judge was in a relationship with Matt Law, who is an underwear and swimwear model. They were in a romantic relationship for years. 

In fact, the duo was staying in the same apartment and also has spotted together kissing each other. After some years, they broke up and moved on in their life.

A picture of the dancer Bruno Tonioli and ex-boyfriend Matt Law.
Image Source: Getty Image 

Fitness and Tattoo

As a model, he has maintained his body in a muscular form. He went to gyms and does regular exercises and follows strict diets that keep his body fit. Schanne has one tattoo on his hand which can be seen in the pictures. 

Lives in Low Profile

Schanne likes to live his life private. Besides his relationship, there is no personal information to date. When it comes to his personal life, he keeps his mouth silent. Like his partner who is active on social pages, whereas he has not had an account on Instagram and Twitter.

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