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Jason Gedrick

Published Sun Jul 03 2022 By chanel
Jason Gedrick

Jason Gedrick is a well-known American actor who played Doug Masters in the 1986 action thriller "Iron Eagle." His fame has also accelerated from his 1980s roles in "Murder One", "Boomtown", and "Promise Land." He made his acting debut in the uncredited film "Bad Boys" in 1983.

Originally beginning his career as an actor in films such as "Risky Business" in 1983 and "Bad Boys" in 1983, dynamic artist Jason Gedrick proceeded to play everything from cops to gangsters and everything in between on a slew of television shows, many of which did not make it past their first season.

Early Life

Jason Michael Gedroic was born in Chicago, Illinois, the USA on February 7, 1965. He grew up with his two siblings, brother Joel Gedroic and his sister Dawne Gedroic in Chicago and is of Polish origin. When Gedrick was eight years old, his parents split. His two siblings moved in with their father after the divorce, while Jason stayed with his mother. He altered his surname to Gedrick, which sounds similar to his old surname.

Jason received his high school diploma from Gordon Technical High School in 1982, where he was also an avid basketball player. After finishing his degree, he went to Darke University in Des Movies Lowa. He was passionate about performing since he was a child and dropped out of college after his freshman year to pursue it full-time. Prior to his acting career, he worked as a chef in a restaurant.

Affairs and Marriage

Jason Gedrick has been in relationships with two actresses and has married once. His earliest love was Daphne Zuniga, an actress he dated from 1986 to 1987. In 1988, he started dating fellow actress, Tracy Scoggins. But again, their bond was short-lived.

In Frame: Jason Gedrick and his ex-wife Dana Lavas before divorce (Source: Latest Celeb )

Moreover, he was married to Dana Lavas in 1989. Garrett, Ty, and Jian Gedrick are the names of the couple's three children. Regrettably, their marriage did not endure, and in 1997, they filed for divorce, asking for joint custody of their children. Jason, on the other hand, is said to be unmarried and hasn't recently been dating or in a relationship after divorce.


The newlyweds gave birth to their first child, a boy called Jian Gedrick, two years later. Furthermore, they were graced with the births of two additional boys, Garrett Gedrick in 1994 and Ty Gedrick in 1995. Jason's unwavering commitment to his kids as a father was unaffected by the divorce. He stayed close to his ex-wife Dana in a suburb of Los Angeles for the benefit of his kids. This was done to protect their children from the effects of their decision to divorce and separate.

The father of three remarked that spending his free time with his kids is something he appreciates in a June 2001 interview with the Washington Times. Jason stated that when he's not working, he has a week-on, week-off schedule with the kids. That they just like being around each other and he looks forward to preparing their pancakes while also doing a load of washing.

Career in Acting

Gedrick began his career as an actor in countless movies, notably "Risky Business" and "Bad Boys," among others. In the 1980s, he began to play more significant roles in movies like "Iron Eagle," a military action movie that fared well at the box office and over $24 million despite receiving mixed reviews. Before being cast as a young pilot in the 1986 film Iron Eagle, he actually had six auditions. He played Doug Masters, a budding pilot who defies all conventions in order to save his father, Air Force Pilot Ted Masters. Rooftops, Backdraft, and Sweet Justice are some of the other projects he worked on at this time. Alongside Kim Delaney and Yasmine Bleeth, Gedrick received a leading role in the 1994 film "The Force," and the following year he had another leading role, this time in the television series "Murder One." The trial of his character, who is accused of killing a 15-year-old girl, is the subject of the television program. He was fired from the show, along with a number of other cast members, as a result of the show's poor ratings. 

Photo Caption: Jason Gedrick playing his role in the series "Bosch" (Source: Jason's Twitter )

Even so, he continued to work as an actor, portraying a university employee who is accused of rape in the television movie "The Third Twin," which is based on the same-titled novel by Ken Follett. He played several parts in television productions during the following few years, including "The Beast" and "EZ Streets," which weren't particularly successful. He had a role in the miniseries "The Last Don" and made a cameo appearance on "Ally McBeal" in 1999. He was cast alongside Donnie Wahlberg in "Boomtown," a long-running television series, in 2002. The program was initially popular, but it was canceled after its second season due to declining viewership.

Net Worth

With more than three decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Jason Gedrick has a $1.5 million net worth. The actor makes, on average, $39.84 per hour and $50,235 annually.

His long-running television programs Windfall, Desperate Housewives, Luck, Major Crimes, and a few others brought substantial money to him. Along with his regular employment, he has made cameos in a number of well-known series and is continuing his multifaceted career. 

Further work in the Industry

Following the character's trial, Jason played the notorious rapist Andrew Luster in the Lifetime film "A Date with Darkness" from the year 2003. After playing a regular part in "Windfall" for 13 episodes, he collaborated with Donnie Wahlberg once again in the 2007 A&E film "Kings of South Beach" before playing the love interest of a character in "Desperate Housewives." Later, he took on the part of Dr. J. D. Aldridge in the television series "Necessary Roughness," where his persona was a potential love interest for Callie Thorne's lead character.

Photo Caption: Jason Gedrick playing his role in the series Major Crimes (Source: Jason's Twitter )

The actor appeared in the HBO series "Luck" as a cast member for a season in 2012, and in the seventh season of "Dexter," he played the manager of a gentleman's club that becomes involved in a murder investigation. Moreover, he played Evan Farnsworth, the lead in the Hallmark movie "The Wishing Tree." His most recent work is the police procedural series "Major Crimes," in which he portrays a detective who also happens to be a former partner of one of the main characters.

Body Measurements

Even at the age of 57,this man has managed to look young and energetic. He definitely has an athletic body in terms of his physical look. He prefers a balanced diet and a hint of workout. 

He is approximately 70 kilograms and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. His eyes and hair both have a dark brown color.

Social Media

On social media sites, he is somewhat active online. He owns a Twitter account and advertises some of his upcoming projects there. He is followed by almost 5k fans on his Twitter handle. 

He is acclaimed for taking extended hiatuses from his online activities occasionally, even going months without posting. Unfortunately,he does not have any verified account on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

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