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Karlie Redd’s Daughter Jasmine Lewis With Nate Hill – Photos and Facts

Published Sun Jul 21 2019 By Samana
Karlie Redd’s Daughter Jasmine Lewis With Nate Hill – Photos and Facts

Jasmine Lewis is a celebrity baby born to the reality television show star,a certified sexologist and model Karlie Redd and a most wanted criminal Nate Hill. She is aged 20 as of 2019 and was born on the year 1999. 

The word "Jasmine" is derived from a very sweet scented  flower named the same word. However, in Arabic, the name 'Jasmine' means 'Gift from God'. 

Parent's Net Worth

Since Jasmine is only a university student who is all focused on her education, her net worth is not calculable, but her mother, Karlie Redd's net worth is $500 thousand. Alongside being a reality television show star, she is also an American rapper, a model, an actress and a video vixen. 

Parent's Relationship

Since Nate Hill is a criminal, his relationship with Karlie Redd is kept very private and not much information about it has came from Karlie herself.

However, Karlie had her fair shots at relationships and the drama that comes afterwards. She is now happily engaged to Maurice "Mo" Fayne. The proposal was very grand earning Karlie a beautiful diamond ring that costs millions and a Maserati car. 

Karlie showing off her huge engagement ring.
Karlie showing off her huge engagement ring.
Image Source: Distractify

Jasmine Lewis' Dad is a Gangster

Jasmine Lewis is the daughter of a big time notorious Chicago gangster, Nate Hill. Nate Hill is a felon

If anything moves through Chicago, it moves through me."- Nate Hill.

Nate was one of the most wanted fugitives of the America who went on many hideouts to run away from being jailed. Nate Hill is a part of Jasmine's mom's mysterious past of which only limited facts and information are known. 

Wanted To Drop Out Of College

Jasmine, for more than once has considered dropping out of college to pursue something she wants to do without a degree. In 2015, Jasmine starred in an episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta to inform her mom that she was dropping out. 

The two talked it through after Karlie told jasmine that she pressed pause on her degree because she was pregnant and later resumed her education.

The gorgeous mom and daughter duo.
The gorgeous mom and daughter duo, Karlie Redd and Jasmine Lewis.
Image Source: Instagram/iamkarlieredd

Lewis's Mother Wants a Baby Boy

Karlie for some time has been talking about wanting another baby but in an interview with The Ed Lover Show, she gave out some more information on what she wants. Apparently she wants a baby boy for herself and denied the pregnancy rumors adding that she will and wants to be a mommy very soon.

Jasmine might or might not be a big sister to a brother very soon. But definitely she will take care of her new sibling.

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