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Introducing Jared Keeso

Published Fri Jun 10 2022 By chanel
Introducing Jared Keeso

Jared Keeso is a Canadian actor, playwright, and producer best known for his role as the lead in the television drama Letterkenny, which he also created and has been airing since 2016. The series was also nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for 'Best Comedy Series' in 2017.

The actor had originally planned to be a hockey player, but due to a series of disappointments, he abandoned his ambition and pursued acting instead. He has appeared in a number of films, including "I Love You, Beth Cooper" and "Godzilla." He has also received various accolades for his work, including the Canadian Screen Award and the Leo Award for his role in the crime drama "192."

Early Life

Jared was born in Listowel, Ontario, Canada, on July 1, 1984. He is of Caucasian ethnicity and Canadian nationality.  Cancer is the zodiac sign of this well-known Canadian actor. Despite being only 38 years old, he has written and produced a number of well-known Canadian and worldwide films. 

His first choice of profession was not acting. In truth, he had intended to pursue a career in hockey. As a teenager, he had previously played for the "GOJHL's Listowel Cyclones" and "Strathroy Rockets."


Jared came from a wealthy family since his grandpa owned and passed down the Keeso sawmill firm to his father. The Keeso Sawmill Company is run by his father, Richards Keeso, and his mother, Anne Keeso.

The guy had a passion for performing since he was a child, but owing to familial pressure, he worked for the same company that his grandfather had founded. After the sawmill was destroyed by fire, Jared began his acting career.


Listowel District Senior School was where he completed his primary and secondary education. He had been a well-educated person since the age of ten. Different lecturers and academics have largely opined on his works.

In addition, he graduated from the University of Waterloo with a bachelor's degree. He has completed his studies in business-related subjects. So, even if he isn't a professional actor. He'll be able to continue working as an accountant.


Wondering if Jared Keeso is single? Well, unfortunately, he is a married man. He proposed to Magali Brunelle Keeso, his girlfriend, in 2018 and they married on July 4, 2018. Magali is a lawyer by profession, and she was born in Canada. Only a few attendees attended the wedding, which was organized discreetly by family and friends. They appear to have met in college and began dating in their third year of studies. Certainly, now that they are living together as partners, their bond is much stronger. The couple, however, has yet to start a family. The duo has only made a few appearances in public at events and exhibitions.

Jared Keeso and wife Magali Brunelle (Source: Instagram)

From 2012 to 2016, he was in a relationship with his driver. Similarly, in an interview with HELLO in May 2017, he admitted to having a girlfriend. Jared rarely speaks about his personal life in the media or in public, and he rarely mentions his job. Furthermore, Jared has managed to keep it under wraps.

Net Worth

The Canadian actor has been a fan favorite for almost a decade in the industry. Jared Keeso has amassed a net worth of over $4 million in order to suit his necessities.  

After taxes, he earns between $22,718 and $38,620 per year as an actor. He is also a dog lover who formerly had a $5,000 Brown French Bulldog.


Jared Keeso began his professional career in 2004. He had left his father's business to star in the American television series Smallville. In 2007, he made his film debut as Jerry in White Noise: The Light. In the gay-themed films Shock to the System in 2006, Keeso played the intriguing Paul Hale. In 2009, he played a lead role in the film I Love You, Beth Cooper.

Dr. Ted in Preggoland, Mr.Hunky in Nearlyweds, and Harkin in The Marine 3: Homefront are just a few of Jared Keeso's roles. He is presently featured in the sitcom Letterkenny as Wayne, the main character. Keep Your Head Up, Kid: The Don Cherry Story (2010) and The Wrath of Grapes: The Don Cherry Story II starred Jared Keeso as the main role in the two-part biographical television series (2012). In Don Cherry Story, he also played a Canadian ice hockey commentator.

In 2016, Jared Keeso starred in the sitcom Letterkenny. Kaniehtiio Horn, Sarah Gadon, and Dylan Playfair co-star alongside him. It even won him a second Canadian Screen Award in 2017. Letterkenny, a sitcom starring Jared Keeso, aired in 2016. He's also worked on the cinema office hits Elysium (2013), which starred Matt Doman and Jodie Foster, and Godzilla (2014), which starred Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor Johnson.

Awards and Nominations

The outstanding actor has been nominated for a number of important accolades for his amazing acting and directing abilities. Letterkenny won a Leo Award for outstanding musical comedy or variety shows or series for his picture. He also won Writers Guild of Canada awards for Best writing in a TV comedy and Best script for a rookie series for the film Letterkenny.

Jared Keeso gave a speech during the award ceremony. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Keeso received a nomination for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Actor in a Continuing Leading Comedic Role. For his outstanding performance in the film 19-2, he was also nominated for a Leo Award for Best Lead Male Performance in a Drama Series. He also won a Canadian movie award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for the film 19-2.

Rumors on Wolverine     

According to rumors, Jared is poised to play Wolverine. Hugh Jackman had declared that he will not be reprising the role. It is still to be determined whether he will accept the post. Fans of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe speculate on what Jared Keeso, the creator and star of Letterkenny, may look like as Wolverine.

This character is a mutant with the same senses as his eponymous animal, heightened physical powers, high resilience, and retractable claws in each hand; he was born as a bone but was detained in Weapons Program X after being born as a bone.


Keeso has a 'JH Lot KEESO' tattoo on his right bicep, and a tattoo on his left bicep shows his affection for his dog. 

The actor appears to have several tattoos with strange lines and words, which, at least to us, makes no sense. There could be a deeper purpose to it, but the actor has kept his tattoo of random lines and letters are hidden.

Physical Stats

Jared Keeso's height is 5 feet and 10 inches, and his body weight is 69 kilograms. His eyes and hair are both brown, and he has light golden hair. 

Jared Keeso in one of his photoshoots. (Source: Instagram)

Keeso is a nice and beautiful actor, playwright, and producer.  He has an athletic body which fans think is really attractive. He used to play hockey when he was in school. His frame is thin, giving him a nice appearance.

Social Media Presence

The 38-year-old actor isn't on social media at all. He appears to have lately deleted the account for privacy reasons. He seemed to adore his personal space.

By the fact that many fan accounts can be found on the internet, it is very easy to estimate how much the actor is adored.

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