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Meet Actor Jansen Panettiere - Hayden Panettiere's Brother

Published Sat Jun 05 2021 By Aashika
Meet Actor Jansen Panettiere - Hayden Panettiere's Brother

Jansen Panettiere is an American actor who is known for portraying the role of portraying as Huko of the film "The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone". Besides, acting, he is also a paint artist. 

On 25th September 1994, he came into this world whereas his birthplace is Palisades, New York, United States. Apart from his profession, he is also a celebrity member who is the son of Alan Lee Panettiere and the brother of Hayden Panettiere. 

Let's know more interesting things about him that every fan wants to know. 

What's His Net Worth?

Jansen Panettiere has an approximate net worth of $1.2 million which he earned from his successful acting career. He made his debut in 2002 from the series "Even Stevens" in the role of Kupchack's soon.

Then, got numerous contract for working in the film and series project. The actor appeared in "Tiger Cruise", "Everybody Hates Cris", "The Babysitters", "The X's", "Hope & Faith", and many more. For his acting skills, in 2008, he was nominated for a "Young Artist Award" for the Tv Movie, "The Last Day of Summer". 

Jansen Panettiere in the film "The Last Day Summer"
Image Source: Fandom

Celebrity Sibling

Jansen Panettiere is the younger brother of the well-known personality in Hollywood, Hayden Panettiere. She was born on 21st August 1989 to her parents. Panettiere has been working as an actress, model, and singer since 1994. The actress is recognized as Claire Bennet on the NBC superhero series, "Heroes". Likewise, played in many series and movies such as "A Bug's Life", "Remember the Titans", "Shanghai Kiss", "If You Believe", "Dinosaur", and so on. 

The sibling's duo has worked together in the Disney Channel Original Movie, "Tiger Cruise". Also, Jansen has lent the voice on "Racing Stripes" where Hayden starred. They are close and never miss the chance to wish on "Sibling Days" through their Instagram account. 

Jansen Panettiere with his sister, Hayden Panettiere.
Image Source: Daily Mail

As An Artist

Scroll his Instagram account, we get to know that he is also an artist. He does art on pylons ideas which he has uploaded the pictures on his social page @artpylon. The talented actor is also an excellent artist.  Panettiere has painted Alien face, Cat with rainbow face, methhead, and so on. 

Jansen Panettiere's painting of LA in his head.
Image Source: Instagram (@artpylon)

Does Panettiere Smoke?

Yes, Jansen Panettiere does smoke which is proved by his Instagram account. He smokes cigarettes sometimes. As we know, smoking cigarettes in limit has also some advantages like modest improvements in vigilance and information processing, facilitation of some motor responses. 

Jansen Panettiere's picture of smoking.
Image Source: Instagram (@jansenbaker)

Social Media Presence

Panettiere is an active social media user celebrity. He has an Instagram account of username @jrpanettiere where his followers are more than  22.7k. Also, on Twitter (@jansenbaker) with over 5,153 followers. 

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