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Larry Bird's Former Wife Janet Condra - She's Moved On With Another Husband

Published Thu Mar 09 2023 By sush
Larry Bird's Former Wife Janet Condra - She's Moved On With Another Husband

Janet Condra is an internet personality who is the infamous first wife of the NBA legend, Larry Bird. She came to the spotlight after her nuptial relationship with Larry was discovered. And if you're a fan of NBA or NBA drama, you must probably know what happened between Janet and Larry. 

Janet came to recognition after she was revealed to be the first wife of Larry Bird and that she was the mother of Larry's only biological child. She was Larry's high school sweetheart who got married quite early and divorced a year later. 

However, soon after Larry divorced her, she gave birth to their child, Corrie Bird, who became the center of sympathy when it was revealed that she was ignored by her father all her life despite being his only biological child. 

Janet's Early Life Is Yet To Be Revealed

Janet came to recognition as the first wife of Larry Bird. So every piece of information related to her is somehow related to Larry, and she doesn't have much information about her life before him. 

Larry Bird and his wife.
Larry Bird and his wife. (Source: KemiFilani)

However, according to sources, she was born around the mid-1960s. Though her family background is not known, she was born into a Caucasian family and is believed to be a Christian. 

And regarding Janet's education, she went to Spring Valley High School in Nevada. She is believed to have graduated high school; however, it's not known, if she ever made it to college. 

Janet And Larry Were High School Sweethearts

If you didn't know, Larry Bird and his first wife, Janet Condra were classmates in their high school. They also first met when they were at Spring Valley High School. According to sources, Janet was a mail courier and Larry was a garbage truck driver at the time.

Janet And Larry's Marital Life Ended In A Year

According to sources, Janet and Larry exchanged their vows in 1975, before Corrie started his career in the NBA. However, to kickstart his career in the NBA, Larry moved to Indiana soon after. 

Larry Bird and Janet Condra
Larry Bird and Janet Condra. (Source: Players Bio)

Though things turned out to be better for Larry in terms of his career after his relocation, his relationship with Jante gradually severed. Then, just after a year of their marriage, Larry decided to end things with Janet, and the couple got divorced on October 31, 1976. 

Moreover, the exact reason behind Janet and Larry's divorce is not known. The NBA player is very firm about not talking about his previous marriage. However, in his autobiography, the NBA player said that he had many differences from Janet.


After Janet and Larry divorced, she gave birth to their child Corrie Bird. Though her exact birth details remain vague, sources claim that Corrie was born on 14th August 1977 in Brazil Town, Indiana, United States. 

Larry Bird's daughter, Corrie Bird
Larry Bird's daughter, Corrie Bird. (Source: Buzz South Africa)

Janet gave birth to her and Larry's child after a year of their separation. However, despite having a child, Larry wasn't intending to make amends with Janet. Moreover, he ignored Janet and their daughter, Corrie. 

It is also reported that Larry also rejected to co-parent their daughter, Corrie, and that he rejected the solicitation to pay $40 weekly for child support. 

Janet Married Again

According to the sources, Janet got married again after her separation from Larry. However, it was after several years of trying to reconnect with Larry that she finally got wed again. Though his full name is not known, his last name is reported to be Hargrave. 

Moreover, after Janet was married to Larry, they both did their best to raise Corrie as she never had a father figure in her early years. 

Janet's Former Husband Married Again

While it was hard for Janet, it seems Larry also had a little bit of trouble in his love life. He got married to Dinah Mattingly, on September 30, 1989, after 13 years of his separation from Janet. 

Larry Bird and his second wife, Dinah Mattingly.
Larry Bird and his second wife, Dinah Mattingly. (Source: FanBuzz)

Moreover, Larry didn't have any children with Dinah. Instead, he adopted two children named Mariah Bird and Connor Bird, making his and Janet's daughter, his only biological child. 

Larry Always Ignored Janet And Their Daughter

According to Corrie's interview, she said that she and her mother, Janet were always ignored by her father, Corrie. She said that her mother always used to send him pictures of her to let him see his child; however, Larry never responded. She also said that Janet was always hurt by this:

“When I was little, I made excuses. I couldn’t protect her from the hurt caused by her dad. I could protect her from everything else, but not that.”

Moreover, she also revealed that she wanted to be there when Larry was to be honored by the Boston Celtics. She wanted to see her father's retirement ceremony back in 1993. So, Corrie asked her father if she could go there to see it. However, Larry ignored her once again and never responded to her. 

Where Is Janet's Daughter Now?

According to sources, Janet's daughter Corrie is now a healthcare manager. She is a married woman who married a security specialist named Trent Theopolis Batson. As per reports, the couple got married on 17 May 2008.

Larry Bird's Biological daughter, Corrie Bird with her husband, Trent Theopolis.
Larry Bird's Biological daughter, Corrie Bird with her husband, Trent Theopolis. (Source: Buzz South Africa)

Corrie is also blessed with two kids. She welcomed her first child a daughter named Violet Marie, on 18 June 2012. Then, five years later, she gave birth to her son, Sebastien Grey on 20 April 2017. 

Moreover, Corrie also has two step-children, Samantha Batson and Christian Baston, who were brought by her husband from his previous marriage. 

Larry Bird Said He Thinks Janet Did A Great Job Raising Their Daughter 

As far as seen, Larry can not be as good as a father and a husband as he is a player. However, despite having done all that, he said in his autobiography that his former wife, Janet did a great raising their daughter, Corrie to be a fine lady. 

Corrie is a fine and beautiful young lady. Her mother has done a great job bringing her up in the best way possible. Corrie is also very athletic. She’s good at everything she does and I’m really proud of her.

Moreover, he also said that he regrets everything that had gone with him and his daughter, Corrie. And that if their daughter ever needed anything, she could reach out to him. He said:

I think about Corrie all the time, but what can I really do now? I can’t go back and relive the first five or six years of her life. To tell you the truth, I’ve never really known how to handle the situation, but I love her and anytime Corrie needs anything, I will be there for her.”

What is Janet Condra's Net Worth?

The net worth of Janet Condra is estimated to be over $500k.Though her career and income are yet to be known, she is believed to have made quite a sum that she saved all her life. 

However, if we're talking about her ex-husband, Larry Bird has an estimated net worth of over $75 million.

Is Janet Available On Social Media? 

Unfortunately, it seems that Janet isn't available on social media. She has always been a private woman, who had never sought the attention of the media as the ex-partner of one of the famous personalities in sports. Neither did she ever talk about the injustice she faced from him. 

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