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Jamie Anne Allman - Complicated Pregnancy and Extremely Loving Husband

Published Sat Sep 04 2021 By Kri
Jamie Anne Allman - Complicated Pregnancy and Extremely Loving Husband

Jamie Anne Allman is an American actress popularly known for her role as Terry Marek in the crime series "The Killing". She is also recognized by her role as Martha Shaw in the romantic movie "The Notebook".

The actress has appeared in many television series and movies always making her role noticeable and recognized by the public.

Early Life

Allman was born on April 6 1997 in Parsons, Kansas, America. She is the oldest child among her five siblings. She grew up on the outskirts of Kansas on the farm. After graduating high school she moved to Orange City where she resided with her mother. She studied acting in Playhouse West to make a career in acting. 

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of The Killing actress Jamie Anne Allman is around $500k. Her main source of income is through her acting career. No other professions are clarified except her acting career. 

Jamie Anne Allman red carpet appearance together with her husband Marshall Allman

She was able to secure a huge sum thanks to the movie The Notebook. The movie became a box office hit and earned a huge sum of as much as $115 million. 

The original budget of the movie was $29 million. She has had many opportunities to work in various movies and series which has contributed hugely to her wealth. 

Personal Life- Husband And Children

Jamie Anne Allman is happily married to True Blood's actor Marshall Allman. They tied the knot in 2006 and since then they are going strong in their relationship till now. 

Jamie Anne Allman's Instagram post with her husband Marshall Allman on the occasion of their 14th marriage aniversary
Source: Instagram/@jamieanneallman

They were blessed with twins in 2013 after seven years of marriage. The twins Oliver Charles and Asher James were however born premature 81 days prior to their due date and had to spend almost three months in the hospital in NICU.

Thankfully, the two boys were healthy after their time in hospital and were brought back home. The pregnancy period was very rough for Jamie. She was diagnosed with gestational diabetes which led her to have a bladder infection. She was rushed to the hospital upon this and had to have a premature delivery. 

One year prior to the birth of the twins Allman welcomed a baby girl in 2014. The second pregnancy was less stressful for Jamie and gave birth without any complications. Her three children are healthy and leading happy life. 

Jamie Anne Allman with her babygirl during her infant days
Source: Instagram/@jamieanneallman

Jamie Anne Allman and Marshall Allman's relationship became stronger due to the complicated pregnancy. Marshall used to take a lot of care of Jamie during her complicated pregnancy period. This made the love between them grow more and are happily living their life with their three children.

The couple also shares the same month as their birth month and are only one day apart from each other. Jamie's birthday is on April 6 and her husband's birthday is on April 5. They both think of this as their fate to be together.

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