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James Taylor's $60 Million Net Worth - All His Expenses on House, Cars and Charity

Published Mon Oct 14 2019 By aisha
James Taylor's $60 Million Net Worth - All His Expenses on House, Cars and Charity

James Vernon Taylor is a renown singer, songwriter, guitarist and actor best known for his songs like Something in the way she moves, Sweet baby James and more whose net worth is $60 million.  

The singer is the five-time Grammy awards winner and is the best-selling music artist of all time who has also worked in many movies and has appeared in many TV shows. 

$60 Million Net worth

The singer has a total net worth of $60 million from his career as a singer-songwriter and actor. He is the best-selling music artist of all time with 100 million sales of his record worldwide. The first release of his single was 'Fire and Rain' in 1970 which peaked at no.3 and in 1991 his song 'You Got a friend' was in the No.1 position. 

James is not only famous for his songs but has also made a good impression on the film industry as he has worked in movies like Two-lane blacktop, Funny People, American playhouse,  Mr, Sunshine and more. He has also given his voice to a fictional character in The Simpsons. 

Sold his Childhood House in $1.66 million

James Taylor house with behind green trees and bushes
James Taylor house worth $1.66 million
Image Source: ABC News - 

James Taylor owned a house in Chapel Hills, North Carolina in his late 1970s, which was worth $120,000.The beautiful house is now worth $1.66 million which is 10 times more than its actual price. Now, the new owner of the house is James Keith Brown and Eric Diefenbach of New York. The modern-stylish house stands on a 24 acre of land with seven bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and many other features.  

Vintage Cars Owned by James

James Taylor in his vintage car while holding black steering in his white shirt and blue jeans
James Taylor inside in one of his Vintage car
Image Source: 

Taylor seems to be very fond of the vintage cars as he owns an Austin which is worth $10,000, Ford which price range is from $28,000 to $42,000, Hillman which costs $172,200, and a Morris which estimated price is $20,000.

Earning as Singer

In 1970 James Taylor collaborated with Carole King and released an album Sweet Baby, James, and a single Fire and Rain which was about his own experience while he was beating his drug habit. Later his both album and songs were a big hit and successful that it reached on No.3 in the Billboard charts. The album Sweet Baby James sold 1.5 million copies and more in the first year of its release and later it was able to accumulate more than 3 million in the US.  

As Taylor is the best- selling actor, more than half of his net worth is from his singing career. He started his career in his late 60s and In 1972, James released a song 'You Got a Friend' for which he won his first Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance and was titled as Song of the Year. The album was able to sell 2.5 million copies in the United States.  

In 1976 his album Greatest Hits sold 12 million copies over the United States and 20 million copies worldwide. The album was certified as 11* Platinum by the US, later it was certified as Diamond by the RIAA. Then from 1997 to 2007, every album was able to sell about 1 million copies. By looking at the selling rate of his album his estimated earning alone from his music career is $50 million. 

Successful Tour

As a singer, Taylor has earned his wealth from his Tours concerts, and by guest appearance as well. In 2010, he went on a Troubadour Reunion Tour with Carole King and his official band members which was a big success. 

They did the show in different countries like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and North America and in California where the ticket sales were over 700,000 and grossed $59 million which was the biggest successful tour of the year.  


James Taylor supports altogether 13 Organizations and Foundations, some of them are Children's Health Fund, Entertainment Industry Foundation, Rainforest Foundation Fund, Stand Up To Cancer, GRAMMY foundation and more. 

He also gave a special performance at Centennial Celebration which is a gala charity event that raises fund for the international humanitarian organization Save the Children.

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