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About James Cannon - Downtown Abbey Star Joanne Froggatt's Former Husband

Published Sat Oct 17 2020 By roshni
About James Cannon -  Downtown Abbey Star Joanne Froggatt's Former Husband

James Cannon works as an IT manager, popularly known as the ex-husband of Actress Joanne Froggatt who is currently living in Buckinghamshire, the United Kingdom. 

Cannon is also passionate about film and theatre, but his ex-wife said she married James because he doesn't belong to the entertainment industry. Froggatt and Cannon married in 2012 and split after eight years. 

Marriage and Divorce 

James and Jonna were long-term partners who dated three years and got married in 2012. In their marriage ceremony, all co-actors of Downtown Abbey are presented. 

James and Jonna separated after eight years of their marriage. Image Source: Getty Images

Joanne said about her perfect relationship with James and  He’s passionate about film and theatre, so they have a common interest, even told James was just made for her in 2015, in the showbiz industry.

However, James was keen to support his wife’s career and was regularly photographed along with her at red-carpet events.

Jonna announces her separation from James in 2020. She doesn't want to disclose about their life inside the home and their divorced reason in public. 

James Cannon Gay-o-Meter

Is James Canon Gay? He has not disclosed his sexuality with anybody. Truth be told, he was married to actress Joanne Froggatt's. Yet, his primary explanation behind separated was just known by them.

James hit the dance floor with young ladies The moment which made us puzzle over whether James Cannon is gay or not When he began spending time with his male friend being close in clubs. 

"Downton Abbey" star Joanne Froggatt has parted from spouse James Cannon.

James and Jonna: Relationship after the Divorce

Joanne and James are friends and set up a production company and run it together, and are said to be planning to continue working together despite no longer being romantically involved. Currently, they are working together on their new project.

Networth of James and Joanne

James and Joanne don't rely on one another for cash. The Networth of Joanne is $2 million. Moreover, James acquires from his IT organization and runs in excess of 50 ventures and his net worth is around $1.2 million.

James Cannon: Love Sports

Joanne Froggatt's husband James' affection for the game was seen when he showed up at Wimbledon in London alongside his better half. He wants to invest energy with his better half viewing extraordinary interactivity.

James and Jonna at Wimbledon in London. Image source: Instragram@jamescannon

James: Life After Divorce

After the divorce James is  focusing on his projects, where his ex-wife Jonna is also together with him. They are still friends and work together. Likewise, Jonna is also very busy with her next project  "Liar" season 2 shooting. 

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