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Facts About James Bowen - English Author and Memoirist

Published Tue Oct 29 2019 By Akki
Facts About James Bowen - English Author and Memoirist

The English author and memoirist, James Bowen is very famous for his books such as; 'A Street Cat Named Bob" and "The World According to Bob

He is the son of  Penelope Hartford-Davis, born on Thursday, March 15, 1979, in Surrey, England. His sun sign is Pisces through his birth date and belongs to white communities/races.

Here are 10 facts about James Bowen;

What's his Net Worth? 

James Bowen has a net worth of $6 million, which he made through his professional career as a memoirist and writer. His book 'A Street Cat Named Bob"  has been sold over 1 million copies in the UK alone. In addition, his fortune also includes his earning from the street's performance.

A picture of James Bowen performing in London street.
James Bowen performing in London street.
Image Source: The Daily Issue

House in Surrey

Bowen has been spending plenty amount from his fortune for better livelihood. He lives in a luxurious house across the road in Surrey, South East England. The home has four bedrooms with fine dining and wide-open space for the cat play. 

According to the Zoopla real estate agents, the house in Victoria Embankment cost around £49,950.

Fiancee - Monika Hertes

2019 has brought the greatest surprises in James Bowen's life with the gesture of rejoice and happiness. The man found his love life Monika Hertes, who has a cute cat 'Pom Pom'. The duo got engaged in July 2019 along his cat 'Bob' got his partner.

James Bowen and his fiance Monika taking picture together,
James Bowen and Monika Hertes pose for a photo with their pets.
Image Source: Daily Mail

Education - Alma Mater

Talking about Bowen's qualifications, he is dropped out of high school students. He attended the number of local high schools of Australia until he back out in the second year of high school. 

Health Issues 

Bowen was once diagnosed with mental illness like schizophrenia and manic depression. According to his statement, he suffered from depression following the stress he had. He used to be bullied at school for being a new student as his family used to shift residence a lot.

Homeless Life

The Millionaire, James pass through a lot of obstacles before his achieved success. After not fitting in the house of his half-sibling sister, he started to live in the streets. Following the years, he had the meanest time of his life, where he used to sleep in the street or shelters.

Drug Addict

In the time of being homeless, James Bowen falls into the dark side of the world and starts to uses drugs. He depends upon drugs like heroin to escape from the reality of being helpless. By the 2007 spring, his pain and suffer dragged him into the methadone programme. 

Cat Named Bob

Bob is one of the precious members of the Bowen family and close to his heart. The two first met in the regular evening, when Bowen was roaming around his building searching his neighbor's cat "Ginger". The duo became a friend after James treat cat wounded leg giving antibiotics after not finding pet owners.

James Bowen selling The Big Issues magazine.
James Bowen got caught on camera walking down the street with the big issues magazine.
Image Source; Big Issues


James is a kindhearted man and believes in getting self-satisfaction and inner joy helping other people. He is actively involved with a social organization like The Big Issue Foundation. He has been working as a volunteer and charities for homelessness and animal welfare. 

Social Media Presence 

James Bowen has a self-named Twitter account with 7k followers and 382 followings till present.  He also has a Facebook page with more than 90k likes and 92k follows. 

He keeps posting pictures and videos of himself updating information about his works and events for his fans and well-wishers.

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