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Jalen Rose's Massive Net Worth - Just Look at His House in LA and His Ride

Published Mon Oct 25 2021 By Kri
Jalen Rose's Massive Net Worth - Just Look at His House in LA and His Ride

Jalen Rose, a sports analyst, a well-known sports and television personality, and a former NBA player has an impressive net worth of $50 million. 

Most of his wealth is from his early career as an NBA player and also his current career as a sports analyst for two networks ESPN and ABC. 

Salary Overview During NBA Career

SeasonTeamSalary in Dollar
1994/95Denver Nuggets975,000
1995/96Denver Nuggets975,000
1996/97Indiana Pacers1,560,000
1997/98Indiana Pacers1,852,500
1998/99Indiana Pacers2,145,000
1999/00Indiana Pacers2,437,500
2000/01Indiana Pacers9,660,000
2001/02Indiana Pacers10,865,250
2002/03Chicago Bulls12,072,500
2003/04Toronto Raptors13,279,750
2004/05Toronto Raptors14,487,000
2005/06Toronto Raptors15,694,250
2006/07Phoenix Suns1,540,000
2006/07New York Knicks14,601,500

Media Production Company

Jalen Rose spent thirteen years of his life as an NBA player and accumulated a huge fortune through his career. By making use of his fortunes he established a media production company named Three Tier Entertainment. 

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Jalen was in a team of five called  Fab Five, the Michigan team in the NCCA. Based on it he produced the documentary The Fab Five, which garnered 2.7 million viewers. The documentary was very successful with a lot of viewers and earnings. the documentary also became the highest-rated documentary on the ESPN network. 

Sports Analyst

Jalen Rose during NBA countdown (in the middle)

Jalen is a sports analyst on NBA Countdown and also a co-host of the show Jacob and Jalen. His show has a high viewership rating and is a very successful show. With the show having high ratings he is also one of the highest-paid analysts of the ESPN network. He has a salary of $3 million per annum. 


Rose is also the author of the New York Times top seller book Got To Give The People What They Want. 


Jalen also earns quite some money through his endorsement deals. He is signed with the New York Times and is also the brand ambassador of BetMGM. 


The NBA star Jalen Rose has his house located in Orchard Lake, Michigan which is valued at $8.5 million with an area of 9,296 square feet. It includes five bedrooms and nine bathrooms. 

Jalen Rose's Las Vegas mansion which was sold to Mike Tyson

Rose also sold his mansion in Las Vegas in 2008 to Mike Tyson for $1.7 million


Jalen is a lover of cars and always loves to add to his collection. Some of the cars from his luxury collection are the 1964 Cadillac and the 1969 Dodger Charger. He has been spotted with two of the cars from his collections. 

Jalen Rose's photo with JEEP

The JEEP company is the partner of Rose's Jalen Rose Leadership Academy. 

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