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Meet Jaime Gomez - Interesting Facts About Debbie Gomez's Husband

Published Mon Jun 28 2021 By Aashika
Meet Jaime Gomez - Interesting Facts About Debbie Gomez's Husband

Jaime Gomez is a promising actor who is known for playing the role of Insp. Evan Cortez in the television series, "Nash Bridges". Aside from acting, he is a writer, director, and producer. 

"Solo" actor was born on 31st August 1965, in Los Angeles, California, United States. He got a degree in art history and literature and also the history of the world and philosophy. 

Let's look at more interesting and unknown things about him:

How Much Gomez's Net Worth and Earning?

Jaime Gomez has an enormous amount of net worth which is $3 million. He has been earning through his successful acting career. In 1988, he began his career in Hollywood from the television series "CBS Schoolbreak Special" as Tomas Mata. 

Then appeared in numerous television series and movies. His outstanding acting can be seen in "Freddy's Nightmares", "Say Anything", "Clear and Present Danger", "The Hat Squad", "Untamed Love", and so on. Recently, starred in the series "S.W.A.T." in the character Oscar.  The actor served as a director, producer, and writer in "Street of LA", "Raynee Days", "Quincy Coleman: It's All in the Song", and many more. 

Partnership in Company

Gomez is the CEO and Artistic Director of the Sandbar Film Inc., in Hollywood, California since 2010. It is the company which built around the idea that Art, Film, Literature. Likewise, is the partner of "Native Spectrum", a film and tv production company specializing in Native and Latinx content. He was the instructor in "UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television" from 2019 to 2020. 

Married Life 

"CBS" actor Jaime Gomez is happily married to Debbie Gomez, who is a producer of "Apocalypse According to Doris" and "Quincy Coleman: It's All in the Song". The couple met while working on a documentary. Soon started dating and tied the knot, their wedding date has not opened up. The duo has two children from their love life. They have been living a joyful life together. 

Jaime Gomez with his lovely wife Debbie Gomez at the event with a baby bump.
Image Source: Getty Image

Previous Relationship 

Before being the husband of Debbie, Gomez was dating Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, a prominent actress, model, and fashion designer. They started in a relationship in 1998, unfortunately, the pair broke up and moved on in their life. 

The actor was a father before having a relationship with O'Keefe. But the name of his child's mother has not been revealed. 

Jaime Gomez with his former girlfriend, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe. 
Image Source: Getty Image

Father of Three

Jaime Gomez is the father of three children. His first child is from his past relationship. After him, Gomez became the father of two children with his wife. He has not shared any information about his children and likes to keep away from the limelight. The three children are enjoying their childhood together. They have never seen spotted with their parents and any social media of Jaime and Debbie. 

Active on Social Media

Gomez is quite active on social networking platforms. He has created an account on Instagram and LinkedIn. His username is @actorjaime_gomez where followers are more than 1,110. The actor often shares pictures of his family and upcoming projects. 

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