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Jae Suh Park - Randall Park's Wife and "Friends From College" Actor

Published Thu Aug 26 2021 By Sudi
Jae Suh Park - Randall Park's Wife and "Friends From College" Actor

Jae Suh Park is an American actress whose popularity increased after the Netflix comedy series Friends From College which was released in 2017.

Park is also best known for her role in The Big Short which was released in 2015 and Purity in 2006.

Education and Childhood

Park was born on April 5, 1984, in South Korea. Park and her family moved to the United States after she turned 6 years old.

Jae Suh Park with her mother and sister source Instagram @thejaesuhpark

Park studied acting in college and majored her study in design. Her desire for becoming an actress began from a very early age.

At the age of 8 when Park was playing the role of dinosaur in the school play, she realized that she loved the feeling of being on the stage despite her shy personality.

Jae Suh Park Husband

Jae Suh Park is married to a guy named Randall Park who is also one of the popular Hollywood stars. Park first met Randall park at a nonprofit theater fundraiser. They weren't able to talk to each other that day. 

Luckily they again met a few days later at an audition and started a small conversation. Though they didn't get to know each other that much again after few days they met in another audition.

Jae Suh Park with her husband Source Inatagram @thejaesuhpark

And that time Randall Park took the opportunity to invite Park to his birthday party. She accepted the invitation and showed up but they weren't able to talk much because of the party.

Another day at 3 am Randall asked Park out on a date. After few years in a relationship, they decided to get married in 2008.


After 10 years of marriage, In May of 2012, the couple welcomed a beautiful baby girl and named her Ruby Louise Park.

Jae Suh Park's Husband and her daughter Source Instagram @thejaesuhpark

Social Media 

Park is pretty popular on Instagram and is quite active on it. On Instagram, she has over 13.2k followers.

Jae Suh Park source Instagram @thejaesuhpark

Net Worth

Jae Suh Park has appeared in many TV series and films from there we could say that she has earned a lot sum of money. Her net worth is said to be in the million but the actress herself conforms to it, it is quite difficult to estimate her net worth and salary. However, Park's husband's net worth is $1 million approx.


Park started her acting career from the film Devil In The Flesh 2 which was released in 2000. After that, she did many films and series. 

She worked in series like ER which was released in 2004, How I Met Your Mother (2008) as Crystal, The League (2011) as Grace, Friends From College (2017-2019) alongside Cobie Smulders, Anne Parisse, and Never Have I Ever (2020) as Ms. Wong-Eleanor's mom.

Films like Purity (2006), The Big Short (2015) as Michael Burry's wife, and The Paper Tigers as Caryn.

Some Facts about Jae Suh Park

Park is a big fan of BTS.

Jae Suh Park and her husband are the board members of KultureCity.

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