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Get to Know Jade Logue - Pics and Facts Donal Logue's Daughter With Kasey Walker

Published Mon Nov 30 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Jade Logue - Pics and Facts Donal Logue's Daughter With Kasey Walker

Jade Logue is a popular celebrity baby of Donal Logue and Kasey Walker, who are actors in the Hollywood industry. She became into the controversy about his transgender from male to female. 

Logue and Walker welcomed their daughter on 25th March 200, in the United States. The baby was born as a son as Arlo Logue who later turned into a girl. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York with her brother, Finn Logue. 

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How Much Does Logue Have Net Worth and Earning?

Jade Logue has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. She has been working as a music arranger which she posted on her social media. Besides it, her living standard is like a millionaire lifestyle by her parents' income. 

Parents' Net Worth

As we know, Donal Logue's net worth is around $3 million which he made from his acting career in the industry. Since 1992, he has been working as an actor by making a debut in the movie, 'Sneaker' as Dr.Gunter Janek. 

The actor is currently appearing in series such as 'The Unicorn' and 'Dummy' whereas the upcoming project is 'Resident Evil' as Chief Brian Irons.

Likewise, Kasey Walker has an approximate net worth of $1 million. Her income source is from acting which was started in 1992. An actress made a debut from 'Night Caller' after that has appeared in movies 'Death Before Dishonor' and 'Suicide by Sunlight'.

Relationship of Donal Logue and Kasey Walker

Her parents, Logue and Walker were in married life for a long period. Both of them met at their career phase in the Hollywood industry. They slowly fell into love and got married, but couldn't become a success which ended by divorce. 

From their married life, the couple welcomed two children whose custody has given to their mother. 

Father Donal Logue and mother Kasey Walker. 
Image Source: DailyEntertainmentNews

Ran Out From Home

In mid-2017, she became the headline of many news channels when Jade left home. The reason behind leaving a house was targeted for bullying and discrimination from society people. 

After the loss of a daughter, Donal and Kasey took their social pages to account for help to find her. The teen was last seen in Brooklyn on June 26 when meeting a friend, causing parents Logue and Smith to alert authorities when she never returned home.

On 8th August 2017, Jade was found by police in a 'safe and sound' 400 miles away in North Carolina. Having a tough phase of losing a daughter, the actor is engaged in an online campaign to find teenage girls who have been missing.

Story of Transgender 

From her childhood, Logue was fighting about sexual orientation. Born as a boy but want to be and like to be a girl, it was a battle for her. Thank god that she is a member of a supportive family and helped her in every step of life. 

At the age of 15, the actor's daughter openly came out about the transformation of her and is now living a happy life. 

A picture of Jade Logue from a son to a daughter.
Image Source: Daily Mail

Supports LGTB Community

Jade Logue is a supporter of the LGTB community, as being a member as well as a human. She has been always open about transgender which has also inspired other people in the world. Through her social media account, she always raised a voice against who is hating the third gender.    

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