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Jacquelyn Newell - Debra Newell's daughter

Published Fri Jun 24 2022 By dishant
Jacquelyn Newell - Debra Newell's daughter

Jacquelyn Newell is the daughter of her beautiful mother Debra Newell. When John left the house Jackquelyn bought a magnetic tracker and placed it on her mother's tesla to control him. Similarly, she began to learn information about the strange routes he took. She was the excellent paid vocalist for John, also she gained information attention and became the most withdrawn artist of all time.

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Photo of Debra Newell
Source: A&E

Debra Newell is a prime American businesswoman and actress who lives in Orange County, California. She is also very popular for her documentary by Netflix which is titled Dirty John. Before her Netflix career, she was very famous for her achievements as an interior designer. Similarly, being a prime woman she decided to get married but that turned into a bad situation. When she got married to John Meehan they describe others as "violent artists" and a fate for her achievements. Therefore, John Meehan lied to Debra on their first-ever date and that he was a medical doctor.

Debra's Husband

John Meehan was Debra Newell's husband. Their marriage didn't last forever, they got divorced after two years of togetherness. They were together between 2014 to 2016 only because John lied on their first date that he is a medical doctor. But after 2  months of marriage, they were happy and everything was going perfectly fine. Similarly, after a certain time period, their children go against their marriage for personal reasons.

Debrah Newell applied for an annulment in April 2016 after the couple divorced in March 2016. John Meehan became enraged and set fire to Debrah's automobile. In August 2016, John Meehan, Debrah's youngest daughter, was attacked with a knife in a parking lot by John Meehan. She stabbed him "between his shoulder blades" after kicking the knife out of his hand. His biceps and triceps were fractured. His shoulder also got fractured. His left eye and his brain also got numb after that attack. As the result, John Meehan died in the hospital the next day.

How does Debra know about John Meehan lying?

They moved in with Debra's children, Terra and Jacquelyn, after the wedding, but the girls were wary of their new stepfather and decided to engage a private investigator to learn more about him. Despite the fact that the investigator established that John Meehan was a con artist and a convicted fraudster, Debra continued her destructive relationship with him. Finally, Debra chose to leave John in March 2016 after he revealed his true colors, became violent, and set her car on fire.

The whirlwind relationship ended in tragedy. In a parking lot in August 2016, John Meehan attacked Terra with a knife. Terra got the knife and stabbed her stepfather in self-defense when they were fighting. She did what any woman would do to defend herself, and she is now recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Net Worth

Debra's current net worth is believed to be approximately $300,000, which is not bad for an interior designer. However, some reports suggest that her net worth is substantially higher, estimated to be above $1 million. If you're wondering how Debra Newell became so wealthy, you should know that she worked hard for it. She also appeared in the documentary Dirty John, The Dirty Truth, in addition to having a great career.

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Photo of Debra Newell
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Debra Newell is obviously not your usual star, she rose to prominence as a result of a dramatic turn of events and the fact that her husband was a dangerous liar. And if you haven't seen the Dirty John documentary we suggest watching it so you could more information about him.

Who killed John Meehan?

In a parking lot in August 2016, John Meehan stabbed his daughter Terra with a knife. Terra got the knife and stabbed her stepfather in self-defense when they were fighting. She did what any woman would do to defend herself, and she is now recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Debra Newell is a prominent interior designer and entrepreneur from the United States.

In 2017, Debra Newell founded "Ambrosia Interior Design," an interior design firm. Her firm presently has two locations, with a third location set to launch soon. Debra Newell is well noted for her work on the Dirty John: The Dirty Truth television movie documentary.

Personal Information

Debra Newell is a fascinating woman who is also the subject of the Netflix series Dirty John, which is based on her true tale. Furthermore, for Dirty John, Christopher Goffard was in charge of this case and he took a good examination, in this case, to solve it properly. After a deep investigation, the case was solved after many issues and problems. 

Debra's twister affair with John Meehan, a famous artist who seemed normal until he but suddenly changed when they got detailed by Goffard. She was married to famous artist John Meehan, who was well-known for filing false claims and defrauding insurance companies. He was also notorious for his countless affairs with women, many of whom became his victims. Furthermore, he was a bad guy at last.

Some Quick facts

  • She met John in 2014.
  • Debra Newell is the daughter of a youth minister and a piano teacher.
  • She's been married five times in all, the most recent of which was to John.
  • She was raised in Orange County, California, with her four brothers.
  • She isn't very active on social media platforms even though being a famed artist.
  • Debra Newell is  67 years old in 2022.
  • She was well-known as the wife of John Meehan, dubbed Con Man. Similarly, he died in a prison after a dangerous case that he started by attacking Debra's daughter.
  • Terra Newell and Jacquelyn Newell, her two daughters, are more information about her family.
  • Arlene Hart is her father but we don't have factual information about Arlene.
  • Debra and John married in 2014 and lived together until 2016 and John died in the prison with his own children for self-protection when John tried to attract Terrar Newell.

Age and Body Appearance

She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall, or 1.65 meters or 165 centimeters. She is about 55 kg 121 lbs in weight. 34-26-35 inches is her body measurement. She carries a 33 C bra cup size. She too is a fitness nut. She has blonde hair and gorgeous brown eyes.

She is currently around 63 years old. She is of mixed heritage and possesses American citizenship. She was born in the United States of America.

Social Media

Debra Newell is a famous actress who is very private about her personal things so she is not so much active on any social media platforms. Similarly, she may have fans and followers but it is at a low level.

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photo of Debra in black one piece
Source: Cosmopolitan

And she is not earning any amount through any social media platforms. She is happy with her $3 million income throughout her acting career.

About the Series Dirty John

The series Dirty John is the story of crime and a true podcast in which characters have the same name about real life in California woman who was engaged with an alleged man. The man John Meehan started his career with no family support he managed to make his career successful.

Similarly, John Meehan and Debra Newell started connecting through social media chatting for a few minutes and they started meeting face to face. After some time they got married which turn into a bad idea and they got divorced after 2 years because of the knife attack made by John. And the famous actor of the series Dirty John died in 2016.

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