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Get to Know Jacqueline McKenzie - Pictures and Facts of This Beautiful Australian Actress

Published Wed Dec 30 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Jacqueline McKenzie - Pictures and Facts of This Beautiful Australian Actress

Jacqueline McKenzie is a promising Australian actress who has been working in the entertainment industry for more than three decades. One of the prestigious works is when she portrayed the role of Kate in the film, 'Angel Baby' for which she received numerous awards. 

The Australian-actress was born on 24th October 1967, in Sydney, New South Wales. Her nicknames are "Jacqui" and "Jac". Moreover, She has done her graduation in Acting from the National Institute of Dramatic Art and schooling at Wenona School later went to Pymble Ladies College. 

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How Much Does Mckenzie Have Net Worth?

Jacqueline Mckenzie holds an estimated net worth of $2 million which she managed to amass from a professional acting career. In 1987, she got her first television appearances from 'Wordplay' as Pandora Imogene Lesley. 

Since then, the actress has been portrayed in at least 16 movies and more than 30 series such as 'Romper Stomper', 'Deep Blue Sea', 'Opal Dream', and so on. Likewise, her recent series are 'Halifax: Retribution', 'Bloom', and 'Reckoning'.  

In the movie 'The Gateway'.
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Former Husband: Bill Walter

Jacqueline Mckenzie was married to Bill Walter whose information is mystery excluding his name. The couple exchanged their vows in 1996 at a private ceremony along with family and friends. 

Before, becoming a husband and wife, the pair dating for a long time. The duo had four years of married life and got divorced in 2000. As they get separated, the pair remain friends. 

Relationship with Simon McBurney

After the divorce from her first husband, the actress started dating a British actor, Simon McBurney. Being in the same field, they met during a movie shoot. Eventually, the two fell in love and had a romantic relationship for years. They have also been spotted at some events together. 

But sadly, their love life couldn't go so far and broke up. Currently, Jac is living a single life whereas McBurney is married to Cassie Yukawa and blessed with three children. 

Jacqueline Mckenzie with her ex-boyfriend Simon McBurney.
Image Source: Getty Image 

Mother of A Daughter

Jacqueline is the proud mother of a daughter, Tay McKenzie. Mckenzie gave birth to her daughter in 2009. The mother-daughter captures pictures and uploads them on the social media page. 

Daughter, Tay McKenzie.
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Loves Music and Painting

Apart from acting, Mckenzie took interest in music and was a fine singer at her college. After coming into the industry, she recorded her song, "Shy Baby" along with musician Vic Levak and Jim Hayden. Her first track was used in the second-season finale of "Mommy's Bosses" of 'The 4400'.

On the other hand, being an art student, she is also a painter whose arts has been published in 'Venice Magazines' and 'Ok!' magazines. Not only that, her painting became set dressing on TV series 'Mental'. 

Training Martial Arts

The actress has an interest in the martial arts. She has been learning Kickboxing at the VTI Academy since 2019. Being trained, she has followed a proper diet. She looks gorgeous and beautiful with her slim body. 

Jacqueline Mckenzie learning Kickboxing at the VTI Academy.
Image Source: Instagram 

Owner of Pet

Mckenzie is fond of animals by which she has kept a dog as her pet. She has an Irish wolfhound dog breed. The actress posts cute pet pictures and videos on the Instagram account. 

An Irish wolfhound dog breed.
Image Source: Instagram 

Social Activities

Jacqueline Mckenzie is an active member of the social works. On her Instagram account, she has raised the voice on equality of black and white and no racism. 

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