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Late Chester Bennington’s Son - Isaiah Bennington With Elka Brand

Published Tue Oct 08 2019 By DGM
Late Chester Bennington’s Son - Isaiah Bennington With Elka Brand

Isaiah Bennington is the second child and son of the famous vocalist of the popular rock band 'Linkin Park', late Chester Bennington. He was born on the 8th of November, 1997 to the late singer and his ex-girlfriend Elka Brand.

The name 'Isaiah' is a masculine name according to Hebrew origin and translates to 'the Lord's salvation'. Following are some facts about him:

Huge Net Worth of Late Father

Chester Bennington, Isaiah's father used to have an amazing net worth of $30 million before he passed away in 2017. The incredible and fruitful success in the musical industry helped him achieve such a huge milestone. All the success that his band's songs gained and musical tours they had showered him with lots of money.

Parents' Relationship

Isaiah Bennington's parents Chester and Elka met back somewhere around 1995 and started dating each other. The following year, the couple welcomed their child Jaime and lived a family life without even marrying. They never married and broke off in 2005 as they couldn't hold onto it for long. 

However, Bennington also parented the other son of Brand, Isaiah and gave him his name. Despite their split, the two promised to raise their kids properly and coming together when needed.

A picture of Isaiah Bennington's parents.
Isaiah Bennington's parents.
Image Source: Earn the Necklace

Elder Brother - Jaime Bennington

The 21 years old has an elder brother Jaime Bennington from his parents who was born on 12 May, 1996. The two brothers have a very mutual bonding with each other and are often seen hanging together.

Four - Half Siblings

Isaiah Bennington also has a total of four younger half-siblings from his father and his relationship with other women. Draven Sebastian Bennington is from his dad and his first wife, Samantha Marie Olit

Moreover, Younger brother Tyler Lee Bennington and twin sisters; Lila Bennington and Lily Bennington are from Chester and his wife Talinda Bennington.

A picture of Isaiah Bennington with his parents and siblings.
Isaiah Bennington with his parents and siblings.
Image Source: NY Daily News

Daddy Committed Suicide

It was back on July 20, 2017, when news came out that the 'Numb' singer passed away at his apartment in Palos Verdes Estates, California after hanging himself to death. The root cause of his suicide was depression as he was battling it for a long time and it was affecting mental state a lot.

When asked about the incident, Talinda, Chester's wife, said that she had no idea her husband would take such steps. She also added that she though he was in a good place and was in a happy state of mind. But she didn't knew that depression was killing him day by day from the inside. The tragic death of the singer had a huge impact on Isaiah as well as his other family members too. 

Is An Adopted Son of Chester Bennington

Most of you might not know it but Isaiah Bennington is actually an adopted son of the late legendary musician. Chester eventually adopted him as his mamma, Elka, was in a relationship with him and had a son, Jamie with him. 

Though his parents parted their ways back in 2005, the adoption process was properly finalized in 2006 and Isaiah became the rightful son of the singer.

Loves Partying  

Talinda's step-son is an extrovert and loves partying with his friends and close ones. He is often seen attending parties and night outs with his buddies drinking champagne and beers. He is a huge party geek and loves to be in places where he can have fun with friends.

Twitter Account

Isaiah Bennington has an account on Twitter which goes by the name @GucciGod16 and has 3,068 followers along with 8,500+ tweets till date. If you want to more about him, you can surely follow him.

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