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Is Steve Sarkisian Married? Know About Steve Sarkisian's Wife Loreal Smith And His Salary, Net Worth, Career

Published Wed Apr 26 2023 By sush
Is Steve Sarkisian Married? Know About Steve Sarkisian's Wife Loreal Smith And His Salary, Net Worth, Career

Steve Sarkisian is a football coach currently serving as the head coach for the University of Texas football program. He gained national attention during his tenure at USC, where he helped lead the Trojans to a Rose Bowl victory and a top-five ranking. 

Steve has been recognized for his offensive coaching abilities and has played a significant role in the success of several teams throughout his career. He has had a successful coaching career, with notable positions at prestigious universities such as the University of Southern California and the University of Washington.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Steve Sarkisian is estimated to be around $8 million. He is the head coach of the University of Texas at Austin. And much of his wealth has come from his successful coaching career, which has spanned over two decades. 

Steve Sarkisian at the UT Austin
Steve Sarkisian at the UT Austin. (Source: Instagram @steve.sarkisian)

Steve earned significant salaries at various universities, including the University of Southern California, the University of Washington, and the University of Alabama. Moreover, it is reported that during his tenure at the University of Southern California, his annual salary was around $3 million. 

In addition to his coaching career, Steve has also earned money from endorsement deals and speaking engagements. For instance, in 2016, he signed a contract with Coca-Cola to promote the company's products. Steve also earns money from various other ventures, including hosting football camps and clinics and doing media work.

Early Life And Education

Steve Sarkisian was born Stephen Ambrose Sarkisian, on March 8, 1974, in Torrance, California, to his parents Sebouh Sarkisian and Sally Sarkisian. He grew up in a family of Armenian descent and was the youngest of six children. His father worked as a commercial painter, and his mother was a homemaker. 

Steve Sarkisian
Steve Sarkisian. (Source: BYU Athletics)

Regarding his education, Steve attended West Torrance High School, where he played football, baseball, and basketball. He excelled in football, and his talent on the field earned him a scholarship to play quarterback at Brigham Young University.

Steve's Older Brother Died Of Overdose: Affected The Whole Family

If you follow Steve Sarkisian closely, you may know that his older brother, Scott, died of a drug overdose when he was just 12 years old. Moreover, the loss of his brother had a profound impact on him and his family, and it was a tragedy that would stay with him for the rest of his life.

In interviews, Steve has spoken about how the loss of his brother affected him deeply and how it shaped his perspective on life. He has said that his brother's death made him realize the importance of family and the need to appreciate every moment.

Moreover, Scott's death also had an impact on Steve's father, Sebouh, who struggled with alcoholism for many years following the tragedy. Steve has credited his father's eventual sobriety and recovery to the love and support of his family.

Steve's First Marriage: Has Three Kids

Steve and Stephanie Sarkisian got married in 1997, just before Steve's training camp with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The couple kept their wedding low-key, without any elaborate ceremonies or festivities.

However, after a 19-year marriage, Steve and Stephanie Sarkisian filed for divorce in 2016. The couple has three children together, Ashley Sarkisian, Taylor Sarkisian, and Brady Sarkisian. Unfortunately, the divorce proceedings were complicated and highly publicized, with the media reporting on spousal support and custody battles. 

Steve Sarkisian with his kids, Ashley Sarkisian, Taylor Sarkisian and Brady Sarkisian.
Steve Sarkisian with his kids, Ashley Sarkisian, Taylor Sarkisian and Brady Sarkisian. (Source: Instagram @steve.sarkisian)

Despite the difficulties, Steve and Stephanie have worked to co-parent their children and maintain a positive relationship. Steve has since moved on and remarried, but his children remain an important part of his life. Moreover, in a statement about the divorce, he also said, 

"It is our wish to protect our children's and each other's privacy. Our goal as caring and loving parents is to raise our children in a collaborative, collaborative manner. Thank you for being considerate of our family's privacy. We shall not make any additional comments."

Steve Is Married Again

You'll be surprised to know that Steve Sarkisian, the head coach of the University of Texas football program is married again after his divorce from his wife, Stefanie Sarkisian. Reportedly, Steve tied the knot with his partner Loreal Sarkisian in June 2020. 

Steve Sarkisian and his second wife, Loreal Sarkisian.
Steve Sarkisian's wedding with wife, Loreal Sarkisian. (Source: Instagram @steve.sarkisian)

Steve and Loreal's love story began during Steve's coaching period at USC, where Loreal worked as a professional wardrobe stylist with her own business, Styled By Loreal, LLC. The couple hit it off instantly and have been going strong ever since. Loreal is also committed to inspiring and empowering people, and is creating the Loreal Sarkisian Foundation.

Playing Career 

Steve Sarkisian played college football as a quarterback at Brigham Young University (BYU) from 1995-1996. During his time at BYU, he set several records and earned several honors, including being named the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Freshman of the Year in 1995.

After playing at BYU, Steve went on to play professionally in the Canadian Football League (CFL). In 1997, he signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and played one season as a backup quarterback.

Although his playing career was relatively brief, Sarkisian's experience as a quarterback has undoubtedly influenced his coaching philosophy and approach. As a coach, he has worked with some of the most talented quarterbacks in college football, including Tua Tagovailoa at Alabama and Sam Darnold at USC.

Career: From Being Fired At USC To Being The Head Coach Of the University of Texas

Steve Sarkisian started his coaching career in 2000 as a graduate assistant at USC, where he helped the team win the 2003 national championship. He later worked as a quarterbacks coach in the NFL for the Oakland Raiders before returning to USC as a quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator.

He was then promoted to offensive coordinator at USC in 2007, where he helped develop quarterback Mark Sanchez. In 2009, he became the head coach at the University of Washington, where he led the team to its first bowl game in eight years.

After five seasons at Washington, Steve became the head coach at USC in 2014. He led the team to a 9-4 record in his first season but was fired in 2015. After being fired from USC in 2015, Sarkisian took a leave of absence to deal with his alcohol addiction. He then sought treatment and began the process of rebuilding his career. 

Steve then was hired as an offensive analyst at the University of Alabama in  2016 before being promoted to offensive coordinator and helping lead the team to a national championship game. And so, he is currently the head coach at the University of Texas.

Social Media Handles

If you're wondering whether Steve is active on social media or not, you'll be glad to know that he indeed is. 

On Instagram, Steve is available as @steve.sarkisian. Moreover, he has collected his own fanbase and has a big enough community of 42.7k followers. Similarly, you can find Steve on Twitter as @CoachSark. Moreover, he has an even bigger community of over 134k followers, more than three times on Instagram. 


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