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Ioan Gruffudd Engaged to Bianca Wallace with a Dazzling Ring Display

Published Tue Jan 23 2024 By Nancy
Ioan Gruffudd Engaged to Bianca Wallace with a Dazzling Ring Display

Ioan Gruffudd asked Bianca Wallace to marry him with a really special engagement ring. They told everyone about their engagement on Saturday, January 20. 

Bianca, who is 31 years old, happily shared the news on Instagram, saying, "The most wonderful thing happened..." She posted a photo where she showed off her engagement ring on her left hand. The ring has a green peridot stone in the middle, with a diamond on each side. 

Ioan Gruffudd and Bianca Wallace are engaged.
Photo Source: Instagram

In the picture, the actress happily leaned in to kiss her fiancé, both of them wearing big smiles. Ioan, who is 50, was also beaming with joy, savoring the special moment.

Before this, the actor was married to Alice Evans, and they have two daughters, Ella and Elsie. They went their separate ways at the start of 2021, and Ioan officially filed for divorce in March. Even though the divorce was legally finalized as "in status" in July 2023, they haven't reached a settlement agreement yet.

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Ioan and Bianca revealed their relationship to the public in October 2021. She was genuinely taken aback by the proposal from the Titanic star. Responding to a fan's comment on her Instagram post, she said, "I’m sure we’ll tell the story one day soon. It was a super adorable shock." 

Bianca also shared that Ioan personally chose the engagement ring. "I love peridot so much and use it often in paintings and art!" she explained. "It is so thoughtful."

The artist was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2018, and Ioan has been there for her all along. In response to a fan's comment on Instagram, she shared, "I gave him many opportunities to step back without any hard feelings, but instead, he went ahead and proposed. He is such a special person. Thank you for the beautiful message and support, my love! Xxx." 

Bianca wrote in The Telegraph about how having a supportive partner, Ioan, is crucial for her. She shared that when she was diagnosed with MS, Ioan didn't hesitate to express his love and commitment, assuring her that he was there to stay despite any challenges.

During Ioan's 49th birthday in 2022, Bianca posted on Instagram, saying, "Happy birthday to the most special man on the planet, on my new favorite date! The world is better because of you and your kind heart. Despite facing many challenges in our short time together, I wouldn't change anything because of what it created for us. I love you!"

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