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Introducing Lashon Dixon: The Woman Behind Messiah Harris

Published Tue Feb 20 2024 By Nancy
Introducing Lashon Dixon: The Woman Behind Messiah Harris

Lashon Dixon gained recognition as the former wife of the renowned American hip-hop artist and actor, T.I. She is also known for her work as a TV personality and a successful businesswoman.

Lashon Dixon Wiki/Bio

Lashon Dixon, originally named Lashon Thompson, was born on November 30, 1979, in Atlanta, USA. Dixon follows the Christian faith and comes from a mixed ethnic background, with her zodiac sign being Sagittarius. 

Lashon Dixon is best recognized for being the former wife of T.I. 
Photo Source: Instagram

There isn't any public information about her family, including her parents or whether Dixon has siblings. Details about her schooling and college are also not known, but considering her success, she likely attended a good college.

How Rich is Lashon Dixon? 

Lashon Dixon's net worth is over $2 million. She has come a long way from relying on child support from her former boyfriend, as once mentioned by the rapper.

Dixon's wealth comes from various sources, including her ventures as a businesswoman, talent manager, and TV personality, along with endorsement deals. She is the force behind Bounce Virgin Hair and Bounce Hair Salon, specializing in women’s hair products and services since 2018. 

Additionally, Lashon reportedly operates a trucking company, although details are limited. Living in Locust Grove, Georgia, she serves as the secretary of a local Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and is a prominent figure on the reality TV show "Mother Funders," where Dixon and other mothers work to raise funds for schools and organizations.

Dixon aspires to launch her own talent management company but currently manages her musically talented children, though her earnings from this role are unclear. 

With a substantial social media following, Lashon also generates income through paid partnerships with various brands, such as Boombod and Carter’s Caribbean Kitchen.

Lashon Dixon and T.I.'s Relationship 

Lashon Dixon and T.I. were in a relationship for six years, which was well-known before T.I. got married. They started dating in 1995 when T.I. was 15 and Lashon was 16. Because they were close in age, their relationship didn't cause much controversy. 

Lashon Dixon is with her husband.
Lashon Dixon is with her husband.
Photo Source: Instagram

When they began dating, T.I. hadn't fully started his career yet. They stayed together until around 2001, as T.I.'s career began to take off. It's unclear how they first met, but they were very close during their time together. 

However, their relationship ended because T.I. had an affair with Ms. Nikko, which resulted in a child. 

In 2000, when Lashon was 21 and T.I. was 20, they welcomed their first child, Messiah Harris. A year later, they had their second child, Domani. Sadly, their relationship ended the same year Domani was born. 

After their breakup, both Lashon and T.I. moved on to other relationships. Lashon's subsequent relationships remained private until June 2012 when she married Teshon Thompson. Details about Teshon are scarce, but they appear to have a happy life together.

T.I. dated several people after his relationship with Lashon, including Ms. Nikko, with whom he has a daughter, and LeToya Luckett in 2000. In 2001, he began dating Tiny Harris, whom he later married in 2010, and they are still together today. 

Messiah Harris Is Not Lashon Dixon's Only Child With T.I. 

Messiah Harris, born on February 2, 2000, in Atlanta, Georgia, is the eldest child of Lashon Dixon and T.I. Despite their struggles, his parents gave him their best. 

Lashon Dixon's son Messiah Harris is posing for a picture. 
Photo Source: Instagram

When his parents ended their relationship, Harris was just 2 years old, but he grew up with both of them in his life, primarily under Lashon's care, along with his younger brother, Domani, born on March 16, 2001. Both brothers share a passion for music and maintain a good relationship with their parents. 

Apart from Messiah and Domani, Lashon has two daughters, Niya Thompson and Ajah Joy Thompson, born on October 11, 2006. Niya is Lashon's stepdaughter, although details about her birth remain private. 

T.I. also has four other children from previous relationships, including Zonnique Pullins, Clifford “King” Joseph Harris III, Major Harris, and Heiress Harris, from his marriage to Tiny Harris. 

Additionally, the couple tragically experienced the loss of a stillborn child, Leyah Amore Harris, in 2007.

Does Lashon Dixon Receive Child Support From T.I.? 

In 2008, when her children were still young, Lashon Dixon took her ex-boyfriend, the rapper, to court, seeking increased child support. Initially receiving $2,000 monthly from him, she argued that this amount wasn't sufficient and requested $10,000 instead. 

Dixon expressed her struggles in providing for the boys with the existing support. However, T.I. countered, stating that her financial difficulties were partly due to her reluctance to seek employment and reliance solely on child support. 

The rapper emphasized that the $2,000 per month wasn't the sole assistance she received, as he also contributed towards her housing, transportation, and other financial needs. Additionally, he covered the boys' essential expenses like medical insurance, education, clothing, and food. 

Ultimately, Lashon's request for $10,000 was denied, and T.I. was ordered to increase the child support to $3,000 instead.

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