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Inside Manuela Testolini's Life After Prince: A Journey of Resilience

Published Tue Jan 30 2024 By Marie
Inside Manuela Testolini's Life After Prince: A Journey of Resilience

Manuela Testolini, a Canadian businesswoman, philanthropist, and lawyer, serves as the president and CEO of Gamillah Inc., a socially active corporation dedicated to fostering cultural and economic harmony. 

Additionally, she is the founder and president of the In A Perfect World Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on empowering the next generation. Notably, Testolini gained recognition as the former spouse of the late American musician Prince and is currently married to Eric Benet.

Manuela Testolini Wiki/Bio 

Born on September 19, 1976, Manuela Testolini is currently 46 years old and originally from Toronto, Canada. As a Virgo, she was born to an Italian father and an Egyptian mother. Testolini pursued her education at York University in Toronto, where she successfully obtained a degree in Law and Sociology. 

After completing her studies, she later relocated to the United States. Following her graduation from York University, Manuela Testolini embarked on a career in law. However, she found herself dissatisfied with the legal system, prompting her to explore other avenues in her professional journey.

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Manuela Testolini’s Net Worth 

Manuela Testolini reportedly possesses a net worth of around $8 million US dollars. Her income is derived from her roles as the founder of the In a Perfect World Foundation and the designer candle company "Gamillah." In addition to managing her businesses, Testolini allocates a portion of her earnings to support various charitable organizations, as well as contributing to her foundation, In a Perfect World. 

Manuela Testolini enjoying her time on a vacation.
Source: Instagram

Likewise, Prince, the American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor, had an estimated net worth ranging between $200 million to $300 million at the time of his death in April 2016. The variation in the net worth range is influenced significantly by factors such as the value of his likeness rights and other intellectual properties, including his music copyrights.

Manuela Testolini’s Career 

Commencing her career in law, Manuela Testolini's disenchantment with the legal system led her to take a hiatus, during which she volunteered at a homeless shelter. This experience sparked her interest in charity work. Engaging with various non-profit organizations, such as Free Arts Minnesota, the Young Women’s Empowerment Network, and Love4One another, owned by her future husband, Prince, Testolini's involvement in charitable causes became noteworthy. 

Her marriage to Prince and subsequent divorce garnered significant media attention, and her second marriage to Eric Benét also sparked public curiosity about her personal life. Despite expressing discomfort with the attention received as Prince's wife, Testolini acknowledged that it positively impacted her business and charitable endeavors.

Manuela Testolini’s Brand Endorsements

Manuela Testolini, a philanthropist, and founder of the In a Perfect World Foundation may have collaborated with diverse brands and personalities for her charitable causes. Despite her impactful work, specific details about her collaborations remain undisclosed. 

Manuela Testolini with her daughters.
Source: Instagram

Testolini's focus on philanthropy has likely involved partnerships with various entities in support of her foundation's mission.

Manuela Testolini’s Relationships 

Manuela Testolini is happily married to Eric Benét, also known as Eric Benét Jordan. The couple exchanged vows on July 31, 2011. They celebrated the arrival of their first daughter, Lucia Bella, born on December 21, 2011, and their second daughter, Amoura Luna, born on July 13, 2014.

From Eric's previous relationship with Tami Stauff, Manuela is the stepmother to his daughter, India Brianne Jordan, born on December 3, 1991. Both Manuela and Eric are in their second marriage, with Eric having children from his previous relationships and marriages.

Manuela's first marriage was to the late singer Prince. They married in a private ceremony in 2001 but lived part-time in different cities, leading to their separation in 2005 and eventual divorce in May 2006. Despite the divorce, Manuela and Prince remained close friends and continued collaborating on charitable projects through Prince's organization, Love4OneAnother.

Manuela Testolini with her husband Eric Benet.
Source: Instagram

Eric Benét's previous marriage was to actress Halle Berry in January 2001. However, the couple separated in early October 2003, and their divorce was finalized in January 2005. Before his marriage to Halle Berry, Eric was in a romantic relationship with Tami Stauff, who tragically passed away in a car accident in 1993.

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Manuela Testolini’s Ex-Husband, Prince Rogers 

Prince Rogers Nelson, born on June 7, 1958, was a multifaceted American artist renowned as a singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, dancer, and actor. Emerging from Minneapolis, he signed with Warner Bros. Records at 19, releasing influential albums like "Dirty Mind" (1980) and "Purple Rain" (1984), the latter earning him an Academy Award.

His flamboyant style, androgynous persona, wide vocal range, and mastery of multiple instruments contributed to his legacy. Prince's music spanned diverse genres, from funk and R&B to rock, new wave, and hip-hop. Pioneering the "Minneapolis sound," he produced his albums, showcasing his artistic autonomy.

In 1993, amid a dispute with Warner Bros., Prince adopted an unpronounceable symbol as his stage name, becoming The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. After switching to Arista Records in 1998, he reverted to his original name in 2000.

Prince's impact extended to critical acclaim with "Sign o' the Times" (1987), regarded by many as his magnum opus. His sudden death at 57 in 2016, due to a fentanyl overdose, shocked the world. Posthumous releases revealed his prolific creativity, with a vast vault of unreleased material.

Throughout his career, Prince sold over 100 million records worldwide, received numerous awards, and was inducted into multiple halls of fame. His extensive catalog, estimated to include over 1,000 songs, continues to influence and inspire, with posthumous collections preserving his musical legacy for future generations.

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